Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol Review

Why risk your life for people who won't appreciate you anyway?

Disavowed! The whole time while I was watching the movie, I can't help but to relate the entire movie back to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 because like Ethan Hunt's team, Captain Price's Task Force 141 was also disavowed in the game. Disavowed is a pretty big word you know, because not only you have to save the world at the same time, everyone else thinks you're the bad guy while in actual sense you're hunting the real bad guy yourself. Not easy, not easy.

If I was Tom Cruise, I would have given up a long time ago on doing dangerous missions that are well, almost impossible. I mean jumping off tall buildings, pretending to be someone you are not, that's tough job man. Even if I were to survive those death defying feats, I would probably died of heart attack by then. But then again, he's Ethan Hunt and I guess he could probably save and load game whenever he dies, which is why he always succeeds. Sorry, that was the gamer me speaking.

With that being said, Mission Impossible 4 (MI4) is still a good movie. Not one that will make you go wow or drop your jaw, but still watchable in cinemas for the action scenes and breath taking suspense when the agents are on a mission. You know, the second by second clock ticking action? MI4 has loads of that which will leave you by the edge of your seat.

Besides, there's also the hot and handsome Tom Cruise back in action. Or maybe not, because he's already 49 and there's a lot of muscles already sagging. For example, a picture of him shirtless from a scene in the movie:

Tom Cruise topless, hot or not?

Sagging muscles apart, the movie is still good. The twists are there (which is really good I tell you), the actions are there and the impossibilities are there. And I must say, the twists are really good. Of how he planned the entire operation from the start, I certainly did not guessed it though I've been watching spy genre movies and playing spy genre games for years now.

Also, the crew has also done a really good job of injecting some humor here and there to lighten up the atmosphere. So instead of non-stop action packed sequences throughout the movie, you have some clever lines and funny interactions between the actors to add a bit of realism to the movie, to show that they're humans too in some way. Which is really good because not only the movie gets you tensed up, it also makes you laugh too.

The only complain I have? That the bad guys are not "bad" enough and the missions are not epic enough. I mean for the entire movie, the only bad guys that I've seen is a mad professor and his sidekick, just 2 main bad guys. What happened to the evil secret syndicate and the usually associated conspiracy?

Also, the missions are far from epic. For me it's like quite normal as compared to other missions I've seen before. Maybe because I'm comparing it with MW3 where there's the collapse of Eiffel Tower and stuff like that because the most epic mission from MI4 in my opinion is just the scaling of the Burj Khalifa, that's all. There's not as much explosion or stealth that I had anticipated from the name Ghost Protocol. Epic wise, MW3 won on that.

But still, what MI4 has to offer is an action packed thriller that is funny at the same time and doesn't overdoes it. It's one of the better Mission Impossible movies that is realistic at the same time. The only complain is that it's not as epic as I had expected (maybe because I play too much video games like MW3) but still it's worth watching in the cinema. A 7/10 if you ask me.


  1. He probably took supplements when he was bulking up. Hur hur hur!

  2. Hmmm. Not as ripped as in Magnolia...I guess botox can't hide all the wrinkiles and sag... Good film regardless :D


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