Merry Christmas

Since there are 9000 over bloggers out there posting about Christmas, I'm gonna post about Christmas too! Here's to a handsome/pretty filled Christmas this year! Not to forget the loads of presents that come with it and most importantly, who you spend it with! Christmas is all about spending it with your loved ones and having a heck of a time!

I wanted to write a super epic long funny and yet touching Christmas blog post at first but as I need to wake up at 8am tomorrow for my church's Christmas service, I guess you have to settle for my handsome photo wishing you a Merry Christmas instead.

I'm handsome and I know it~ *Sing it in LMFAO's tune*

I know, I know... I would love to sleep late too but as I am now living in my house in Ipoh, my mum is the boss and all of her words are the law of the house. Maybe tomorrow yeah? In the meantime, have a Merry Christmas! Do remember to keep the windows open in case Santa wants to come in! And don't forget my presents!


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