Forever Alone Lvl 99

It's December 1st and here am I, sitting alone in a Starbucks surfing the web for the first time in my life. Yeap, despite the popularity of sitting in Starbucks hogging their internet away only by ordering a cup of coffee, I've never done so before in 21 years since I was born.

Lukey chilling in the Starbucks

So what am I doing in  Starbucks in the middle of the night? Long story but it's not a great one, because I happen to be in a Starbucks that is located nearby Clarke Quay, the party place in Singapore. Yeap, out of all the Starbucks in Singapore, I chose to end up in this Starbucks. While people are partying like crazy out there, I'm stuck here alone blogging while sipping my coffee.

Know what is worse? This Starbucks is not open 24 hours, which means I have to leave here and find another place to go online. I just leveled up in Forever Aloneness.


  1. Or you could just go and join in the partying at the club, pick up some girls, I'm just saying


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