A Follow Up To The B4B Initiative

Life sucks when you don't have any ideas to contribute.
Life also sucks when you think you have an awesome idea to contribute but others do not seem to think the same.
But life sucks the most when you think you have a great idea, others seem to agree with you but someone else had already beaten you to it.

And this is your face when you're in the third situation

So I posted about this crazy idea I had yesterday, something about forming a bloggers for bloggers group or network that sort of thing and a few things have taken place since then. One, which was quite a delightful surprise to me, is that people actually paid attention to the post and there were a few positive response too. The second news however, was quite the opposite to the first one because I soon found out that there were others before me who had already implemented the idea.

First, as Kirsten pointed out, there's this newly established group called the SEASONed Bloggers (acronym for South East Asia Social Network) on Facebook which is roughly similar to what I first had in mind. They're looking to create a directory of blogs in Southeast Asia, building an official website and even creating a forum for discussion, which is like I said, everything that I had in mind.

So as for now, I might join this group first, put my idea on hold and see how things go from there. My only concern is that the group might not be as specific to a location like Singapore as it focuses on the Southeast Asia region and it gives me a too adult feel for my liking. But still, it's worth giving it a chance and I've already asked the group founders if its possible to have something like a dub-division or a branch of sorts here in Singapore.

The second group that I was introduced to by Rynaque was the Association of Bloggers Singapore which addresses on of my concerns in regards to the first group and chaired by one or two bloggers that I have met in real life.

But still, the group still proved too serious for my liking, due to the fact that is registered under the Home Ministry and stuff (or maybe it's because I'm too childish to begin with). And then there's another more major problem, inactivity. The last post in the group's blog was more than two years ago and a quick check in the main committee's blog revealed no new posts regarding the association. I suppose I could contact the main committee and ask them about it but then again, who would bother with a small fry blogger like me.

I guess the best bet would be to wait on the response from the SEASONed bloggers group and see how things go from there.

But in the meantime, we could also come up with something and perhaps affiliate ourselves with the SEASONed bloggers group later on. After all, the ability to reach out to readers overseas is not an opportunity to be missed.

To clarify, my initial idea about this whole bloggers initiative thing is very much similar to what the SEASONed bloggers had in mind. Firstly, it is platform for bloggers to connect with each other, meaning that there will be a directory listing the blogs belonging to members and the profile of the members who own them. It's a way of finding like minded bloggers around you and also to get to know people who share the same interests about you.

 Secondly, the network can be mobilized as a mean to protect the rights of the members of the group, be it from businesses and politics. It could also serve as an advisory body to organizations looking to engage the help of bloggers and also to voice out any issues that may concern bloggers. For example, companies who mistreat bloggers or laws that aim to limit our rights.

And of course, fun should not be left out of the question here. The group could also be used to coordinate blogger outings or events that aim to foster better relationships between the members. Also, it can be used to find people for media invite events like food tasting or movie previews. Advertisements though may be a gray area.

Most importantly, the group can be used to generate discussion on everything ranging from current issues to blogging etiquette. Ideas could be exchanged and perhaps innovations and new initiatives could come from there. Of course, sensitive issues are discouraged but then again, I'm not someone who agrees with censorship and would think that self-censorship is sufficient.

So there you have it. A short update on what's been happening since the last post. You might want to check out the SEASONed bloggers here and also the Association Of Bloggers Singapore here to get a rough idea on how the blogosphere looks like now. And see where it goes from there. Or we could have an unofficial Singapore Youth Bloggers Club. I don't know. If this continues to generate discussion, perhaps a Facebook group can be created to continue on the discussion. As much as I would like the extra traffic, I must be neutral right? :p


  1. Hey Luke,

    I have checked out some of the networks presented by the various groups and here are my two cents worth of opinions.

    Asean Bloggers Network is huge and I believe the objectives of the group targets issues specific to the asean region. In other words, its more of a macro-organisation than a micro one which you have been thinking of setting up.

    With regards to the Association of Bloggers Singapore, I believe it was an initiative that is supported by the government to regulate bloggers than to achieve the objectives that you mentioned. With that being said, the group could have probably been out of touch with on the ground scenes of what's actually happening or the potential of a solid firm blogging community in Singapore.

    Thus, if you were to ask me, your idea of establishing a micro organisation (our very own local network) to be affiliated to a macro organisation (that being, SEASONed Bloggers)is indeed something to look at! =)


  2. Ahh.. It's a shame that SEASONed is on Facebook, or I might have considered joining it > >

  3. @Melvin: Perhaps we should get started then! Do you have any FB or email i can contact you with? Maybe we can start from there and invite our friends

  4. Hey Luke,

    my apologies for the late reply, was "holidaying"! I added you on facebook, not sure if you saw the friend request. Alternatively, you could contact me via email at melvin.ocs@gmail.com =)


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