A Day of Dragging

Today... today... well today was one of those days where I barely had time for myself.

I woke up at 12pm, no thanks to me sleeping at 5am a few hours earlier and despite a great deal of gravitational force pulling me back to my bed, I managed to drag myself up, changed out of my pajamas and dragged myself again to the dance studio for my practice. My pillow wasn't too happy about that though, because lately I have really not been spending much time with it.

And as usual, 9gag totally had a drawing that reflected my situation

After 2 hours of dance practice with the same half of people missing again (full attendance is a very rare phenomenon in Eusoff, mind you), I then proceeded to drag myself to the barber shop behind Eusoff hoping for a haircut only to find the shop close. Never mind, I thought to myself, because there's always tomorrow and I'm not too keen to have my hair cut anyway.

7-11 was the next place I dragged myself too, where I bought my pseudo-lunch for the day (in the form of cup noodles) before I had to be dragged out to Vivo City to buy some stuff for some one, which details should not be discussed due to the sensitive nature of what was bought there. Note to self: Cup noodles should and could never be put inside a microwave oven or else you'll end up with a distorted cup that looks like a bowl and a pile of plastic mixed tom yam noodles.

After coming back from Vivo City, I finally paid my bed a visit, much to its delight and have one full hour of quality time spent with it.

Then, I had to drag myself away from the comfort of my bed again (the bed is threatening with a break up soon due to my infrequent visits, its favorite term is now "I'm not something that you can come to only when you need me!") under very sleepy conditions to the University Cultural Center for Chingay dance practice.

Next, I had to drag myself rather hastily (ie run) from UCC back to hall just to collect the KFC delivery that we had ordered earlier. Caution: The distance between UCC and Eusoff Hall is much further than you think you can cover by running in 5 minutes

Though a day of dragging is over, the cycle would repeat itself again tomorrow where I had to drag myself further to Ngee Ann Polytechnic because I promised a group of students to appear in a video that they will be shooting. Though I am 140% tempted (just like Russia) to skip because I am 140% tired from all the dragging today and I wouldn't really want to break up with my bed, I have no choice because I made a promise. Sometimes I wish I could really have more time for myself. Maybe an extra 100 years would be enough.

The new joke about Russia

Oh well, a promise is a promise. I just hope I wouldn't awkward myself all the way on the camera tomorrow. Or I could just make a awkward penguin meme out of it. Lets just hope my bed allows me to leave. Goodnight


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