A Day At Universal Studios Singapore (USS)

I have always wanted to visit Universal Studios Singapore. It's like one of my "die die must do" activity ever since I first step foot in Singapore about two and a half years ago. Sadly, I never really got the chance to visit there due to reasons such as the expensive ticket price, the roller coaster that was not yet opened and the lack of people who were willing to accompany me.

But fortunately, I had the chance to fulfill my wish of visiting Universal Studios Singapore (USS) at least once in my life when Chern Tze agreed to accompany me there last week. So on a sunny Tuesday morning, two young adventurers set off on a journey to explore USS and finally lay to rest the curiosity surrounding that place.

To be honest, if you're living in Singapore and if you're a big fan of theme parks, you should definitely pay USS a visit at least once in your life. Though it may look relatively dull from afar, there's an awesomely magical world inside. And I'm not over-exaggerating when I use the word magical. The entire place is circled around a lake, with different sections such as the Sci-fi City, Hollywood and Jurassic Park in it. Each of the sections boasts different decorations and feeling and when you step in to a new section from another section, it feels like as if you have just crossed in into another world.

I'm in Egypt!

Lost in Jurassic Park

The Kingdom of Far Far Away

Don't think this picture needs caption

Post apocalyptic world of Waterworld

New York Street at night!

 Not only that, every small detail in the different sections are designed to perfection. From the signboards to the uniforms of the people working there, each is according to the theme of the place you're at. For example, an usher in the ancient Egypt section will not be wearing the same uniform as an usher in the Lost World section. Even the lights, the chairs and everything else is made according to the theme of that place.

Like I said, it feels like you're really in a completely different world. The scenery and feel alone in USS is breathtaking. There's a total of seven different places in USS (Sci-fi City, Egypt, Lost World, Madagascar, Far Far Away, Hollywood, New York), each with its own uniqueness and feel, which is quite awesome indeed.

Not only that, the rides and attractions in USS were also superb. After all, what's a theme park without rides right? Not only were they exciting and jaw dropping, each of the rides have their own unique storyline to the ride which makes it much more interesting and engaging. No one ride is the same and that way, you would not get bored easily.

Battlestar Galactica

Take the roller coaster for example. Named the Battlestar Galactica, there's two different tracks in the roller coaster featuring the two races that were portrayed in the series, Humans and Cylons. The roller coaster is designed in a way such that it simulates a fight between the Humans's fighters and the Cylons' ships. Even the carriage that you sit in is different. And they even have different mission briefing for the two races when you're queuing up. Pretty awesome right?

But that's not the main attraction though. The main attraction, in my opinion, would be the widely publicized Transformers 3D ride.

And there's Bumblebee!

Though the Transformers ride may not be as scary as the roller coaster, it's my most favorite ride because of the how realistic the entire ride is. The 3D effects in the ride were perhaps one of the best 3D effects I have seen so far in the industry and yes, it's even better than Avatar. A rocket launched at you really seems like it's coming at you (most of the people in my carriage screamed)and when it explodes, you can even feel the heat of the explosion on your face. That's how realistic it is.

The entire story itself is also amazing. You feel as if you're watching Transformers' fourth movie. Perhaps even better than the third movie. And all the time while I was in the ride, I was like "Fuck fuck, I'm so gonna die!" when Megatron or Devastator attacked us. Even my mind got fooled into thinking that I was really inside that scene. If you ever wondered how it's like to sit inside an Autobot, this is the closest you'll ever get, aside from sitting in a real one of course.

Aside from the awesome rides and the breathtaking scenery, USS also have tons of other stuff to offer. For starters, there's the shows and performances that are happening at specific timings. Chern Tze and me went for almost all of them.

There's the ala Broadway Monsters Show, the special effects laden Waterworld show and there's also the penguins from Madagascar dancing. Not only that, you also have street acapella performances and also breakdance performances that you can catch.

The retro aca group. Their harmonizing is nuts

The breakdancing group that looks like they've just been imported from Japan

And if you're a photo lover, USS has lots of them to offer. They awesome scenery and also famous figures walking around for you to take picture with. Know what's even better? There's even USS ushers who will help you to hold the camera so everyone can be in the picture. My only complain? Some of the characters are too into character.

Like this Charlie Chaplin, for example. How dare you steal my date?!!

I'm with Shrek

And now I'm with the penguins!

And now I have no idea who I'm with

Scale size Evac, the Autobot that you'll be sitting in during the ride

All in all, Universal Studios Singapore has something for everyone. The money that I paid for the entrance fee is well spent money if you ask me. I sure had a lot of fun and if there's a chance, I wouldn't mind visiting USS again. And you should too if you have yet to enter it! It would be great fun I assure you.

And now that this is done, time to aim higher. Disneyland and the Six Flags Theme Park, here I come!


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