A Bloggers for Bloggers Initiative(?)

24 hours ago, I had a crazy idea. I was half asleep then with a mild headache, I guess the 4am was to blame but it's times like those that sudden inspiration likes to hit me. Maybe because it's time like those is when the pessimistic and logical side of the brain isn't working. It looked like a brilliant idea to me then but now that I think of it, it's quite crazy like I said, it's overly ambitious and might not work out after all, which is why there's a question mark in the title.

However, because I have made a promise to myself to post this idea up no matter what happens, I'm going to be crazy for a while to write this post. And besides, I couldn't possibly give up before trying just because I think the idea is impossible right? And if you happen to be a blogger, this post might just be for you.

And think that I'm handsome at the same time

You see, the entire blogging industry, or blogosphere to be short, has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the 2000. From personal online journals which only a few people read, it has become something much bigger in today's wired world, where almost everyone owns a blog and where almost everyone reads a blog. It's the new source of information and entertainment, rivaling those of the traditional media like the newspaper and daily, more than millions of internet users visit the countless blogs that are strewn across the web.

The point is that the influence played by the blogosphere in today's world is immense and cannot be ignored. Bloggers, along with their blogs, play a major role in influencing how people around them think. In a world where many are turning to the internet for information, news and discussion, the blogosphere is not to be taken lightly.

Businesses and companies have started to be aware of this fact and in recent years, one can see that they have started reaching out to bloggers as part of their marketing efforts through competitions, media invites and award ceremonies because they know the potential that bloggers, along with their blogs and social media platform holds. In essence, bloggers today are accorded with a higher status than bloggers a few years ago. For example, through media invites, bloggers are essentially given the same treatment as journalists and if you're a famous blogger, companies will even give you the star treatment like renowned food critics.

Bloggers are big today, that you cannot deny.

However, there just seems to be a problem from my point of view. You see, although the whole blogging business has matured over the years, there's still an absence of a official collection of bloggers, an organization or association in that sense, in the blogosphere. Or at least in the Southeast Asia region.

While lawyers have the BAR council, journalists the Writers Guild and workers have the trade union, us bloggers have no official club or association in which we truly belong to. Most, if not all, bloggers are sort of lone wolves operating out alone in the blogopshere. There's no regulating body, no guidelines or set of rules of blogging. There's no common group identity which we can come to associate with unlike the different hobbies that we have out there. It's like every blogger for himself/herself out there.

Sure, you could claim that you belong to blog advertising companies like Nuffnang but to be honest, companies like those aren't in for the best interest of us bloggers. For starters, Nuffnang is a company and companies are more interested in earning profits, not in protecting the welfare or the rights of bloggers. They could claim that they represent the blogging community as much as they want but in the end, earning enough money is their number one priority. I don't have to elaborate more on what that means I'm sure.

Which gets me to the purpose of why am I writing this post.

You see, I'm looking to start a group, an association or whatever you call it thing for bloggers. A bloggers for bloggers initiative. A group of bloggers that look out for each other, you could say. A group that lends support to its fellow members and could represent the voices of bloggers.

Have you heard of the story about a father teaching his children the importance of unity? When a branch is alone, it could be broken easily. But when it is tied together with 10 other branches, it is much harder to break it as compared to the one branch. A blogger alone is but a lone voice who does not make any difference out there but when you have a hundred or perhaps even a thousand bloggers making the same voice, it is a force to be reckoned with.

Sure, everything might sound a bit vague now but I think that when this initiative gets kickstarted, things would straighten themselves out eventually. What I need now is a fire that would light this initiative up. Perhaps bloggers who think the same as me.

What exactly are we looking at? To be honest, I have no idea. Maybe a platform where we can give support to each others blog and organize a bloggers outing together to bond. Perhaps a regulating body to demand for better blogger rights (because some competitions and contracts are horrendous) from blog advertising companies. Or a place where you can find fellow bloggers to attend an event with you. The possibilities are endless. What we need now is just a few bloggers to jump start the entire thing and see where it goes from there.

Blogging alone is never fun. Sometimes it could get quite lonely not knowing who your fellow bloggers are and stuff like that. Which is why having a group of blogger friends is much more awesome and enjoyable. And that is where this initiative comes in.

So yeah, there you have it. The crazy idea of mine thanks to a sleepless night. What do you think of it? Is it feasible? Or are you interested to be part of making this initiative happen? Do you think that such an initiative like this could go far? Leave your comments below or you could also email me. To be honest, although half of me think that its a stupid idea, half of me wants it to happen. I have more crazy ideas of what to do with this initiative but I shall see the response. If I could get perhaps more than two favorable response, maybe we can work from there. I guess I'll just wait and see


  1. Your idea sounds potential. Looking forward to know more details when it is solidified. :)

  2. Hey there,

    I chanced upon your blog when I visited omy facebook group. I must say, I do agree with you and I have been thinking about it as well [though not as in-depth or detailed as you have been].

    An initiative like this will definitely go far if the community is actively engaged. Blogs will not dwindle nor die down. Its a form of open communication between individuals to organisations and organisations to individuals. Being humans, we love expressing ourselves through words and I feel that blogging is indeed one sure way to express our thoughts and opinions on a subject matter.

    With that being said, I am sure you want your initiative to be long term rather than short term. Hence, I believe issues such as finance will come into play, especially when we want to organise events, campaigns and etc.

    Or maybe you could start something like a not for profit organisation, or a blogger's society where members contribute to a common fund to fund projects and etc.?

    Well, these are just some of my thoughts and if you ever decided to launch the initiative, do keep me in the loop because I want to be a part of it~! =)


  3. personal bloggers or commercial bloggers? haha... =D

  4. There is actually a Southeast Asian bloggers network that was recently set up that you might be interested to look into: https://www.facebook.com/groups/aseanbloggers/

  5. I'm kind of torn over this! On one hand, I'd love to be able to have a wider pool of blogs to pick from in terms of reading material, but I'm not sure if I would want too much attention drawn to my own blog. In the end, I see my blog as a personal repository for my thoughts. I often rant as though I want my message to be heard, but that's just the way I let off steam. :)

  6. @Ruiting and Melvin: Seems like someone beat me to it! I'm currently looking at the link kirsten showed me but perhaps we can come up with a singpore based one, if you are still feeling up to it

    @En: More to personal blogs

    @KIrsten: Thanks!

    @Aud: Maube just a listing. And not so much of publicity


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