What are the qualities you would seek in a future partner? (Guest Blogger)


What qualities would you seek in your future life partner?
by: Yours Truly

The cycle of life progresses in the most miraculous ways. It starts at the infancy stage, followed by adolescence and adulthood. For our entire life, we have been striving to achieve our goals. Some strive for revolutionizing the way we live with phenomenal inventions. But, for the most of us, the ultimate goal is to fend for ourselves, and to provide a more comfortable living environment.

In the midst of life's  hassle, we all come to a sudden realization, that we long for a certain bond, stronger than friendship. Love. Well, think of those days when we all come home after a long day at work, to be greeted by the silence of our bare homes. Now, that would not be a compelling image by itself. But, replace that silence with the warm arms of your lover, greeting you with the most endearing compliments.

Instantaneously, the burden from work would be lifted off one's shoulders. Yet, there is a group of non-believers who dub themselves as People who don't believe in romance. The cause could date back in history whereby this individual suffered from some form of psychological torment. Of course, this severely changes their perception of life. 

Nevertheless, I strongly believe that romance is for everyone. Admit it, we will all yearn for such compassion at a later stage in life. Another intriguing aspect, which varies from one individual to another, is undeniably the qualities one would seek in their future life partners. 

First and foremost, the quality of financial stability would top my list in this topic. Life constantly pushes hardships in our way. With that said, the uprise of materialism is undeniably the habit which fuels our economy. Thus, the knowing of a solid financial backbone would most definitely put us in good steed. After all, we always seek for a more comfortable lifestyle for ourselves once we decide to settle down, and at the same time, combating the rising costs of inflation. 

Another trait to look for while settling for a life partner, would be commitment. We are bound to spend the rest of our lives together with our partner. Hence, it would only be logical for such a requirement to be made. With commitment, two parties would comprehend the need for mutual compromisation, in order for their relationship to work. Such an important quality would also be the building blocks of one's relationship. 

An interesting fact to reconsider is this: The rate of divorce between married couples has reached its peak now, as compared to married counterparts decades ago. So, is it safe to conclude that marriages only lasts once the mutual benefits of a couple become exploited?

Well, the key to upholding a relationship -- courtship or marriage -- is open communication. Open communication involves the ability to pay attention to what others are thinking and feeling. In other words, an important part of communication is not just talking, but listening to what others have to say. So, two parties would have to establish an open and responsive communicative bond, which are the foundations of trustworthiness. 

Hence, the Speaker-Listener Technique could be implemented to yield uplifting results. At this point, your partner would listen to you pouring your heart and soul. He or she would give constructive criticism, thus being your source of inspiration, and vice versa. The key for success in such cases are, of course, an open mind. 

Other minor qualities I admire are having traits of which I do not possess, but admire greatly. Compatibility between two individuals are extremely rare, but certainly do occur. So, it is only healthy to look out for opposing traits. After all, opposites do attract. 

Personally, I greatly admire musically-gifted individuals, who seem to master the art of creating melodious tunes. On the other hand, I am completely tune deaf. Hence, people with that trait does intrigue me in some ways. 

One last question remains, will varying faith be an obstacle in selecting partners? For most people, different faith is not a hindrance, as the good from both faiths could be embraced. However, there are those who strictly forbid interfaith dialogues. It all depends on one's preference, no?

All in all, one man's meat is another man's poison. Thus, it is illogical to pinpoint the ideal traits of which every individual should abide by when seeking a future life partner. Whether, you are a fan of monogamous relationships or an avid believer in the more, the merrier, it is critical to follow your heart. And do not rush into things.

*Woopie! Glad that was over with. Oh, and thank you for reading right up to the bottom. Give yourself a pat in the back. No seriously, it's not like you scrolled down all the way, or anything. :) So, 'yours truly' is actually a truly Malaysian teen, named Violacea, who enjoys Laksa Johor and Ipoh white coffee. Sure, coffee stains teeth, but it's worth the risk. 

Also, I blog at http://thevioisme.blogspot.com. With that said, toodles! :)

Lukey: This post was written by Violacea Low as a guest blogger for today's post. Do check out his blog too!


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