Still out for exams

     Nope, I'm still away for exams. So for today's post, just imagine a post that is so funny and so insightful here that makes you wanna shed tears of joy. A post that funnier than Kenny Sia, bitchier than Xiaxue and way handsomer than Steven Lim. Got that feeling? Great. Now for every post you read from today onwards just remember that feeling and I'll be famous in no time. LOL.

     Speaking of famous (I know I should go back and study but I just have to share this, being me), remember the time when I blogged about Brad Lau and Channel News Asia messaged me yo be featured but I totally missed the chance because I don't check my email often enough? Well, I got my second chance today when another email dropped in my inbox asking me to appear on BlogTV thanks to the post I wrote a few days ago about Singapore's latest sensation, the girl who claimed she slapped her mum, Adelyn Hosehbo.

Your dear ol Lukey is gonna talk about How I Slapped My Mother. Not necessarily a good thing

     Though this may be a great opportunity and experience, I am still a little apprehensive though. Because the the last thing that I expect from typing on a keyboard is to be featured on an online TV show. It may not be as big as the normal TV but this Lukey here is one timid guy. But if you're still interested to catch me on TV, they will be broadcasting live tomorrow (Wednesday) night 8pm at It will be titled "How a blogger faints from nervousness on TV".


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