Sleep is for the Weak

I need to wake up at 9 am tomorrow, it's 2am now and I'm still refusing to sleep. I guess this is what university does to you I guess. It sort of warps your internal bio clock to create one that is similar to Batman. And when tomorrow comes, you would regret your decision of sleeping late, promise yourself that you would sleep at 12am latest and the cycle repeats itself. It's a standard operating procedure for all university students.

This is how all university students normally look like

It's kinda funny though, given that I don't have trouble going to bed when there's a class just a few minutes away. I did some thinking and here's some reasons why it is so hard for me to sleep at hours considered normal every night:

1. Facebook.

Lets face it, Facebook is the number one reason behind all the pain of us student. It's always the sentence "I'm just gonna read another post from my friend" which then lead to a few additional hours wasted of constantly refreshing the main page to see what your friends are up to, post a little comment here and there and watch all the videos that your friends tagged you. Which is never ending in the first place. And don't even get me started on Facebook games.

2. Twitter

And if there's no updates on Facebook, there's still Twitter. Not forgetting that Twitter is so easy to stalk people because tweets are in a way more personal than Facebook status updates, I think. Besides, you can also see what's everyone talking about by looking at the trends. And guess what, our dear friend Mr Steven Lim is trending again. This guy just won't disappear right?

"You got it right. Me and my yellow underwear is here to stay!"

3. Games

 Did I mention that I got myself hooked on to another game again? Even if I didn't, I am always looking for some game to play. And when you're a hero in a game, what's the importance of sleep as compared to saving the world? "Yeah sleep? Hold on there. Mario has a Princess to save." I think that there's a genetic flaw in us guys that makes us suckers to gaming temptations.

The "I have no idea why I love this game so much" game that I'm hooked on to right now

4. I'm Not Sleepy!

The classic excuse that you would regret using the next morning but would still continue using every night without fail.


 The total time waster that I recently found. You know all the awesome pictures that your friends keep sharing on Facebook? It's all the products of Where you'll succumb to the clicking mania. You'll just click and click and click and click and click and click...

If you don't read 9gag, birds will shit on you

6. Everyone else is not sleeping yet!

Perhaps the most effective effect on teenagers today, the peer pressure effect. I mean why sleep when all your friends are not sleeping yet? All the fun things like DOTA, HTHT and supper happens after 12am anyway. And if you're sleeping, sooner or later you'll get branded as a study freak. Conformity for the win alright!

I should really do a study to see whether all this lack of sleep causes us university student to die younger than the rest of the population.


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