Second Exam Rant

I have always wondered how smart people feel when they're taking the exams. You know, those people who consistently scores at least an A for every subject year after year. I wonder if like when they're taking the exams, would they answer each and every question without thinking while exuding a full confidence that they're gonna score an A because honestly, I never had such an experience before.

For the 10+ years of exams I had, never once was I the smart one who knows I'm definitely getting an A for the exam. Exams for me is more like lottery, a gamble rather than something definite, because no matter how much confidence I have before the exam, once I look as the paper the first reaction I have is "WTF, can I do this paper or not?". Every single time.

Tomorrow is one of those exams again. I have read the entire book, the summary and have a rough idea what the exam would be like. But still, I can never be too sure. Especially when this is my worse subject out of the five that I took. But like every lottery you buy, I just hope lady luck would be with me.

If you're really Lady Luck, you better give me that A yo

That, or I could try bribing my lecturer to give me a good grade.


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