Pre-exam Update #2, Gossips Around The Web

   Good morning. It's yet another wonderfully cool day with clouds in the sky and a perfectly unsuitable weather for us students here to study. Because when you start your university life, your body automatically equates rainy/cloudy weather with sleeping on that comfy bed of yours.

I've been awake for almost one hour already, deciding whether to get my day started ie revising for my exams (which includes reading that drier than Sahara desert textbook of mine) or to hang around the internet a bit longer, stalking some people and catching up with the latest gossips.

Speaking of latest gossips, we have tons of them going around the net right now, most of them are  sexually explicit (why doesn't this surprise me?).

Firstly, there's this uproar among netizens regarding a recent news of how a man openly molested a drunk woman on a street in Shanghai while people just walked past without caring.
While some people are drawing similarities between this case and the case of Yueyue, the toddler in the hit and run tragedy, complaining of how people doesn't help anymore, personally I think this is an entirely different case itself.

For one, this is a prime example of why you shouldn't get drunk, at least for girls. By getting drunk, you're just giving chances to wolves out there waiting to prey on you. And as for the guys, I'm pretty sure that far being being enraged, most of them are being jealous instead. After all, getting the girl drunk and doing lots of hanky panky stuff is why guys ask girls to drink in the first place.

And second in the gossips you have another uproar of netizens over girls who allegedly post nude photos of them in Facebook for the world to see.

I don't know about the entire story, or who the girls are or anything (I just know guys would be very shiok to see the pictures because there's porn on FB now!!) but as my usual mantra goes, we should take everything with a pinch of salt.

Sure, you might think that this is yet another reflection of a younger generation, the Gen Z teenagers, who doesn't seem to care what they post on the internet and all they are interested in is to get fame on the internet. While this may come as a great news of all male Facebook users out there, I don't think this is the entire case. After all, Facebook has recently come under attack from hackers who flooded the network with porn (source here: else you can Google "Facebook Porn Spam" to see for yourself) or the photos may be posted by people attempting to sabotage the girls images. We all have heard of cases of the jealous boyfriend before right?

So too bad guys, Facebook is not turning into F**kbook yet as this may be isolated incidents as a result of the hack attempts or sabotage by other people. Like I said, I don't know the whole story. It would be great if someone has the Facebook profile of where the photos came from. That way, we can verify whether if the profile really does belong to a real person or not. And if it's a real person, then I can add her as friend too. Just kidding.

And last but not least, we have yet another sex scandal in one of Singapore's school. Taking place this time in ITE SIMEI, we have a short 1:07 video of someone trying to film a couple doing some stuff in the toilet cubicle. You can't see what the couple is doing but obviously, there's a male and a female in one cubicle. Ahh, see for yourself:

I don't know whether this qualifies as a sex tape or it's merely another fake blowjob publicity video but yeah, the video itself is now causing another uproar around the net already. We netizens just love sexual gossips right?

So yeah, there you have it, the top 3 gossips for the day. And now I have to return to my Sahara desert to continue my studies. Til tomorrow, cherios. 


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