Pre and Post Exams

The differences in mentality before and during exams:

Before exams:Oh god, why must it rain now when I finally want to study? Raining never fails to make me sleepy all the time. Awh, fuck it, I'm going to sleep now instead. Why waste a good rain weather when you have one?
After exams: Rain? What rain? You mean the one in Skyrim?

Before exams: I'm playing games now because I need de-stress
After exams: I 'm playing games now because duh, it's after exams

Before exams: Man, reading textbooks is so BORING
After exams: Man, I'm bored. Maybe I should read some textbooks

Before exams: I need to change my blogskin desperately. I'm searching for the codes as we speak and if it's not because of this exam, I would have finished it already
After exams: Nah, saving the world is much more important

Before exams: I can't sleep, I need to study *ends up gaming*
After exams: I can't sleep, I need to finish this quest *ends up gaming too but sleeps even later*

Conclusion? My life is screwed, with or without exams.

On other news, I'm going to Universal Studios tomorrow! Whee!


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