Out For Exam

     Due to the upcoming exams this coming Wednesday, there will be no epic great posts for this two days as I will be doing some epic studying (because I'm only starting two days before the exam). Don't worry though, I will be posting as usual when Wednesday arrives (most probably about how bad I flunked my exam) so don't go reading any of my rival blogs just yet.

     Oh and by the way, did you hear? The two "famous" Singapore personalities, Dee Kosh and Steven Lim are planning to make a collaboration video, as evident from this tweet:

No wonder the world is predicted to end on 2012. I mean Steven Lim's "singing" and Dee Kosh's "I so think I'm the greatest" acting? No need for me to tell you how it all would end up.

     Anyways, wish me luck for my exams. And wish me the will to not touch Facebook, Twitter, 9gag or any sinful thing in this 2 days. Peace out.


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