Modern Warfare 3 (MW3): Now that the world is saved

Warning: Possible spoilers to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ahead. Do not read if you are a fan of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, looking forward to the game's single player campaign and totally hate spoilers. Don't say I didn't warn you

And so the world was saved once again in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (MW) universe, much thanks to yours truly, Lukey, who killed like 1000+ bad guys over the course of the entire single player campaign in just two days. Sure, cities were in ruins, uncountable number of civilians died and the whole world in chaos (it's World War 3, after all) but still, Lukey saved the day. On regular mode

Noticed how similar this looks to the Battlefield 3 poster?

I have not played the Special Ops and Multiplayer sections yet, but I must say that single player campaign of MW3 lived up to the expectations of the Modern Warfare franchise, with an epic storyline and even more epic-er battles.

The story roughly picks up from where MW2 ended. USA is still pretty much in a bad shape, no thanks to the Russian invasion and Task Force 141, which Soap, Nikolai and Price are in, is now in shambles and as the game puts it, disavowed. After all that they did to protect the world.

 In this installment, you'll be playing the most number of characters I've ever seen in the MW series. There's the USA Delta forces Frost, a Russian friend of Nikolai named Yuri, another Russian guy who is protecting the Russian president named Ha-something, an SAS special agent named Burns, a father on the streets of London and guess what, you get to play as Captain Price himself.

"Fancy being me?"

Like I said, the single player campaign is both epic and immense. In caps lock if you must. If you seen the trailer, places where you can battle it out with the bad guys include Paris (can see the Eiffel Tower), New York, Germany, Africa, Russia and even in a plane and a submarine. Not only are these locations breathtaking, they also made it to be as realistic as possible. When playing the African missions, it sort of reminded me of when I played Far Cry 3. The savannah, dirt trails and huts look like they came straight out from a Discovery documentary. Minus the gun wielding natives, of course.

 Also, there's not a single moment in the single player campaign when I'm not holding my breath or when my heart is not beating 100 times faster. The gameplay is intense and doesn't leave you with much time to do other things like think or to admire the scenery. Which means that there's not one moment that you will get bored of the game and once you get started, you can forget about leaving the computer until you finished the last campaign. I guess they mix everything correctly, the soundtrack, the gameplay, to keep you engaged with your heart racing throughout the game.

Although the single player campaign basically smells of awesomeness, there are a few questions I have regarding the plot though. Why is Makerov now the main bad guy in MW3? I thought General Shepard was the asshole who started the war and after killing him, things would finally go back to normal. And ain't Makarov almost got killed with all of his men wiped out in the final few missions in MW2? How come he suddenly got so powerful again?

Speaking of Makarov, I thought he was an ultranationalist? And didn't the ultranatiolists came to power in the starting of MW2, as seen from the unveiling of the statue of Zakhaev? If so, he should have a lot of power within the government right? Then how come he's still a terrorist? There is just so many loopholes in the story.

Another complain that I have is Activision's tendency to kill off the good guys. In MW1 they killed off Gaz, Griggs and Sgt Jackson. In MW2, they took Roach and Ghost. And they're still not satisfied. I mean seriously Activision, why are you guys so sadistic that you must kill off as many good guys in the game as possible? Every time I see a character die, you know how much pain it inflicts in my poor little soul that only knows Disney endings?

But still, I guess they did it out of realism. It's World War 3 after all and there's bound to be casualties of war no matter how much you want a happy ending. I guess it's their way of saying that war sucks because you might be a hero by the end of the day, but sacrifices are necessary to achieve the peace that we have. And sometimes those sacrifices include friends and people that we care about.

All in all, the single player campaign in MW3 did not disappoint. In my honest opinion, I would prefer the single player campaign of MW3 over BF3. It's much more intense, much more engaging and much more awesome. Sure, the game engine of BF3 might be better, but at least I did not got bored halfway of the storyline and stopped playing and heck, I just love Bill Murray.

And now that the world is saved, I can finally go back to do all the boring stuff in life. Like studying.


  1. I'm in a dilemma now. Battlefield 3, or MW3? And now that I'm hearing how fantastic Skyrim is, I simply cannot decide!

  2. I have exams to decide lol. And there's Mass Effect 3 and SWTOR coming out too


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