Last Pre-exam Rant

Life a few days before exams has gotta be the most boring period of life ever. You cannot go out and enjoy yourself as often as you do normally, you force yourself into a solitary confinement in the name of revision and guilt overwhelms you if you think that you've slack more than you've studied.

It's not only me though. In fact, I'm considered by my friends as one of the slacker students because I still do non-exam stuff like updating my blog and watching Pokemon. By NUS standards, actions like this can guarantee a C+ straightaway as compared to what the majority of NUSians are doing. In fact, among the things that you can observe from NUS when exams come includes:
1. Students camping 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in any public spaces they can find like Starbucks, libraries and even 7-11s in an effort to study. Sleep is considered secondary during this period. And the administration supports this too by extending the operational hours of the facilities like libraries, McDonalds and student lounges to 24 hours per day. And they said sleep is important for your health

The giant "aquarium" in central library

2. Students complaining day and night that they have not prepared enough for exams, the exams are frigging hard and how they are gonna flip burgers for their whole life. When the results are released, you found out that they are 2 grades higher than you

3. Students with stressed out faces walking everywhere

4. Students whom you mistake for zombies walking everywhere. Especially at night when you're walking towards McDonald's for a supper and you spot a few of them lurching slowly towards you in the darkness. Gives you the false hope that you're now in a zombie apocalypse and exams is cancelled

5. Students with notes everywhere. In the canteen, in the bus, in the lifts and even in the toilets.

Even under the tree

In our bid to not lose out, or in Singaporean term, kiasuism, we forget that with the bell curve system in place, if the whole cohort of the students do not study, we will effectively help to push the bell curve to come lower. That way, all of us can be happy.

But oh well, guess I can't do anything much except complain because it's the system. Wish me luck for my finals starting tomorrow.


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