How To Study Like A Boss During Reading Week

 This week, according to the official NUS calendar given to us students, is labeled as the study week for us to catch up with our studies, to do some revising and in my case, to read the lecture notes for the first time before the final exams. I have not been doing much of studying though, as compared with the gazillion students now spending their nights in the library.

If this continues, you'll probably see me asking you whether you want to upsize or not the next time you visit McDonalds so as a desperate measure, I have come up with a guide on "How To Study Effectively Like A Boss During Reading Week". And because I'm so kind, I'm gonna share the tips with you all too! Here's what you should do to study like a boss this study week:

1. Plug out your LAN cable. No internet = No Facebook, No Twitter, No 9gag and any other forms of internet distraction to pull you away from studying

2. Smash your monitor. When you have nothing to see on the computer, you would naturally turn to your textbook. Something is better than nothing right?

3. Throw away your tablets computers like iPad

4. Burn your phone so people could not call or SMS you for any outings or potential activities that is detrimental to your study attempts and for you to do the same

5. Read Twilight. Faced with such a book, your textbook is suddenly so much better to read

And with that said, happy studying to all NUS students.


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