A Watch for the Looks

As someone who has the word "handsome" in his blog URL, looking good is of course a must. After all, the first thing that people usually do after I tell them that my blog's name is that they will sort of run a full body scan to determine whether I'm really what my URL says who I'm to be. In short, when you have handsome in your blog name, people expect you to look like Hugh Jackman's long lost brother.

Although it is undeniable that yours truly do have some handsome face here, you must note that it is not enough to just depend on the face to look good though. To be truly handsome, as how Brad Pitt once used to say, one must dress up nicely too. After all, even if you have the most handsomest face in the world, people wouldn't really think so if your wardrobe only consists of those white singlets passed drown from your grandfather together with his striped boxers. Which is why dressing up is important because 50% of your looks come from what you wear. Besides wanting to feel good, that's another reason why this blogger here likes to dress up nicely too. He wants to look the part. Especially the handsome blogger part.

Face 50%, Clothes 50% = Handsome!

Face 50%, Clothes... errr = Not Handsome

However, as much as I like to dress up and as much that I normally look handsome, there is still one key ingredient that is missing and that is my empty left wrist. An empty wrist that would look real good fi there was a watch there. Like my father used to say, having a watch as an accessory helps to speak volumes about a person. One, it makes you look smarter. Two, you wouldn't look so empty too. And three, it conveys a subtle message indicating that you're someone who takes time seriously. Besides, looking at your watch when people ask for time is so much more cooler (and less awkward) than digging your pockets or bags to find that phone of yours. Not to mention having a watch makes checking time so much more convenient.

But finding a good watch that fits your image isn't easy though. Since my last watch was spoiled two years ago, I found it really hard to find a replacement that looks something like it and gives off the same sophisticated but yet youthful feel. Sort of like "Hey, look at me, I have a watch. And that watch makes me look cool without making me look old". Try as I might, that watch was unique and I did not have much luck finding another one that looks and feels like it.

Until an email recently dropped into my inbox with this picture:

Cute watches! I want all of time!

Not only are those watches cute and looks nice, it's also a Baby-G watch!

To be honest, I've always wanted one Baby-G watch for myself. I still remember looking in envy at all of my friends who wore Baby-G watches to school when I was young and wishing that I could have one too to show off to the rest of the world because when you have a watch like Baby-G, you're like automatically one rank higher in everything. It's like you've become handsomer than handsome with if there's a Baby-G watch on your wrist.

Almost a decade on, nothing's change. A watch would so add on to the handsomeness of this blogger here. Especially if I own either the D, E or H watches in that picture above there. I could so imagine the girls going crazy over those watches. Clothes or face alone isn't enough anymore in today's world. We need accessories too. A watch would be just so RIGHT.

All I need is just one more watch on the left wrist and this picture can be a killer

And now I'm done blogging, it's time to cross my left fingers, my right fingers, my left toes and my right toes and hope for the best. Baby-G please be mine! With Lukey, you'll be the handsome and syiok sendiri style watch!

This post is an entry for omy.sg's and Casio's blogging competition


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