Things I Would Get My iPhone 4S To Do

So Apple just recently announced the highly anticipated successor to iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S (instead of 5, and the S is a way like saying, "Got you, Shole!"). I'm not a very technical person, my days of chasing the phone trend is long over, so I'm not really excited nor interested about this new phone from Apple, or in their words, "the most amazing iPhone yet".

What I do now, despite my lack of knowledge in the realm of smartphones (I have sucky results, which is why one sales assistant told me that I failed to reach the smart criteria for smartphones), is that there's this whole hype about this "personal assistant", as some would call it, with the name of Siri that is built into this new iPhone. From what I've read, Siri basically helps you do almost anything based on your voice command, much like a personal assistant. Want to reply that SMS that came in? You can simply say, "Reply Tim that saying that I would be late for 30 minutes" and Siri would just help you do that, sending a text SMS to Tim saying you'll be late for 30 minutes.

Which is why it's so awesome in a way. A phone that "understands what you say, knows what you mean, and even talks back" to you. How awesome is that (although it kinda gets scary when you think about it. It's like it's having it's own intelligence like that. Perhaps Skynet is already residing in your iPhone)? And since my phone is so old already, I'm planning to be smart for once and change to a smartphone that understands me, iPhone 4s. And I already have in mind what I want my dear personal assistant Siri to do:

Click for a better picture

Of course, I'm only concerned of whether it understands my accent or not. Not to mention to Singlish/Manglish version of English that I use with the -la, -liao and one. The last time I tried speaking with an ang moh, I had to resort to paper and pen. Perhaps they should make a localized version of iPhone which knows how to speak the local version of English.

And I wonder what would it reply if I scold it "Fuck you!"? I guess it would reply "Come on baby" or "Fuck you back bro" depending on your iPhone's gender. Perhaps it would have to look at your face too. As for me, I'm guessing the answer would be, "Of course, because Lukey you are so handsome".

How bout that yo?

A word of caution though, never use Siri in a noisy crowded area. You'll never know what message it would end up getting and doing.


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