Picking the Best from the Best

I've always been a fan of blogging competitions determines winner through creativity and effort through judging rather than those that chooses a winner merely based on the number of votes and likes the contestant has. For me, competitions that requires voting/liking are nothing but popularity contest (who has the most "friends") and does not really measure the quality of the entry. Furthermore, people who organize competitions like those strike me as selfish in particular because they are not really interested in picking out the best winner, they just want the free likes and publicity that they will get from the likes that will be coming from your voters (I only join competitions like this when the prize is worth it). Besides, the contestants have to spend additional effort in begging asking their friends, their family, their grandmother, grandfather, next door neighbor and the garbageman to vote for them. Sometimes it's really not worth the effort when the prize is small and you have 1000 likes to beat.

Seeing how some people ask for votes sometimes reminds me of this show

Which is why when first I wanted to organize a competition to give out my iPad, I made it a point to not have one that requires voting to be fair to everyone. Only later did I found out why competition organizers prefer a contest with voting mechanics rather than one that really picks out the best from the best. Because besides being selfish, they're also being lazy (just let other people decide for us. why bother wasting extra energy?). At least that's what I think during the process of trying to pick a winner with the best post. I should have so let other people do the judging through voting. But then again, that would so defeat the purpose.

To be honest, all the posts were great. Some I think even greater than the whole lukeyishandsome.com combined. Some even have the potential to be famous blogs in their own right.

I had to read and re-read some of the posts and to compare them word by word, picture by picture to determine which post is the better. After a few hours of deciding, I finally managed to narrow it down to a few posts but still I was having trouble making the final pick. If I had the money, I swear I would have bought a few additional iPads to give to you all. All the reasons given were so convincing, funny and even compelling that I sort of feel bad if I did not give you all the iPad. Honestly, all the posts were great in their own right.

But as I have only one iPad and no extra cash, I have no choice but to pick the one post that I like the most. I based my choice on creativity, the amount of effort put into the post, readability, how interesting it is and how funny it is. It short, a blog post that make me go "Wow!" the loudest when I read it. And after hours of weighing the pros and cons, I think I have a choice in mind.

Before I announce the result, just want to say again that all the blog posts were great. My reaction when reading some of the posts was like, "Man, you all should so join bigger blogging competitions to win the prizes". Serious. So don't be sad or disappointed if you did not win. It's not that your post is not good, it's just that I had to choose one. And take this as a practice. Who knows perhaps in the future you would win something much bigger from a bigger competition?

So yeap. That's all I have to say. I won't be announcing the result here because I've said I'll do it on my Facebook page. Good luck!


  1. ahahahhahahaha I love your oppinion on competitions. Definitely agree with you. Popularity contests...make me feel like i'm thirteen again. Huh. At least you stuck to your guns. I'm so amazed by you!!


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