Namewee, Malaysia's Superhero

Namewee. A name that Malaysians know very well about. One that is full of controversy. A name that has been making headlines for quite some time now in Malaysia. Since his early videos like "Kawanku" and "Muar Chinese", to the ones that caused quite a stir like "Negarakuku", to his journey back to Malaysia through 6 countries on foot due to him being barred, to his later "F*** TNB" and "F*** Racism" which also caused quite a stir, to his more recent songs that are released for his album like "I AM WHO I AM", to his dream to meet the PM to produce a movie and finally to his movie "Nasi Lemak 2.0" (not forgetting the most recent F*** Utusan), I think we can all agree that he has come really far indeed since the days when he was only a Youtube figure.

Despite all the negativity surrounding him, I for one thinks that Namewee is one hell of a guy. One that I respect and look up to. Heck, he's like the Batman of Malaysia. A superhero on his own rights. Now before you start clicking the 'X' on your browser or labeling me as a racist, it's not that I agree with him all the time. I do think that he's rebellious, not to mention vulgar and his command of BM is horrendous but on the other hand, despite all these, he still manages to rise up and do a lot of things that we all could only dream of.

One thing about Malaysians is that we love to talk. We love to talk about how bad the country is, how things used to better and how we would want to change the country for the better if given a chance. I used to do that too. Dreamed of how I would become a public figure to fight the oppression and injustice in Malaysia. How I would change Malaysia. But in the end, a daydream is just only a daydream. Although I would really want to see a country that is fair to all, I am also very much afraid of eating curry rice in Kamunting. And I mean, there are already so many people fighting for Malaysia, people like Lim Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Guan Eng, people who are much better than me and yet some of them even ended up being accused of sodomy so why bother? And that's how I ended up in Singapore. I gave up. I was disillusioned.

Which is why I admire Namewee so much. And I guess it's the reason why he's so popular too. In a way, he resembles the person whom I've always wanted to be in all those daydreams. A guy who is not afraid of the system, who is not afraid to chase down his dreams, who loves the country more than anything else (although not many may agree with his method) and who doesn't give a damn to all those who are out to bring him down.

No matter what you think of him, you've gotta admit that he's one tough guy. I think if any of us would have been put in his shoes, we would have give up long ago. I mean, when you have police reports against you, newspaper articles criticizing you and people calling you a traitor, would you have continued to stay on your track or would you have conformed? If I were him, I would have given up long ago thinking that it's not worth chasing this impossible dream because it seems that everyone is misunderstanding you. And there's just too much obstacles along the way. But still Namewee persevered under all those pressure. He continued on. If he had for one moment listened to the crowd and gave up, I think Malaysia today would be very different indeed.

And for those of you who still thinks that he's a foul mouthed racist fella (in other words I'm calling you a hater, but I choose to be polite because I'm not Namewee), let me ask you a question. For all your self righteous talk, have you ever really made any significant contribution to the country before? Have you changed the lives of hundreds and perhaps thousands of Malaysians before? Have you persevered under enormous pressure before? Have you ever have arrest warrants against you before? Have you ever tried going after you dream before, even though it may make you one of the outcast of the society?

Sure, Namewee used to be a racist guy. His "Kawanku" video is one good example. But that was years ago. People change all the time. Don't tell me that the you today is the same as the "you" you were 10 years back. I'm sure no right? And I'm sure you've heard of stories of people who change for the better after a significant event in their life before. So why not give Namewee the benefit of the doubt? I mean, how would you feel if I hold you accountable for something you did 10 years ago? It'll be unfair right because you're a whole new person now.

Besides, the presence of Adibah Noor, Afdlin Shauki and Arumugam in his latest film also goes to show that perhaps Namewee is not the racist guy that we know anymore right? I mean all the actors and actresses wouldn't have gotten really much from this film as the budget is small and they must have shared roughly the same vision as Namewee to agree to make this film with him. Before you go to label them as traitors to Malay (some really do), let me ask you, aren't you going too far to justify your hate for Namewee? And who's being the racist here now?

I remember reading before somewhere that the people who are able change the world are the ones who are crazy enough to believe that they can. And Namewee is one good example. Though unconventional, he's here to stay. So instead of keep pouring cold water on him, why not support him instead? And before you judge him, are you able to replicate his success in the first place? If not, in a pure Namewee fashion, DIAM LA~!


  1. Straight to the point. You can still go back lar~ Another 1+3 years only!


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