My Name Is Luke

Hi, my name is Luke.

I'm an aspiring warrior hoping to make it big some day in the land of Maple. Things haven't been good for me lately, to be honest. A horde of monsters from God knows where suddenly decided to invade the once peaceful place that I used to grow up in. Instead of realizing my dream to be a handsome blogger, I had no choice but to take up arms along with a few of my fellow friends to help fight of these monsters who are threatening my homeland.

It's not an easy job you know. Every morning without fail, the first thing that I do when I wake up is to go some area, talk to some strangers who constantly pester me for help and help to clear up some monsters for them. Day in, day out, it's the same routine. You might think that whacking monsters is cool and exciting, but not for me. After a while, you'll bound to get sick of the constant and mindless slaughter. I mean, who likes killing anyway?

But alas, I really don't have a choice. Back in the days when I was still caught up in my blogging dream, another random stranger once told me that I was the only hope for the land of Maple and I could really make a difference if I want to. Which was the reason why I chose to sell of my house, my cats and dogs and bought a brand new sword and armor. Little did I know that all of my neighbors received the same message too. Which kinda means that all of us are kinda on the same journey now. But hey, the more the merrier right? Besides, some help along the journey like giving me some extra energy, sharing gifts and helping me whack mobs isn't such a bad thing.

Too bad Maple is not the only thing on my mind though.

In another alternate universe where I'm not a sword wielding 2D warrior, but rather a military commander, an evil empire (rather than monsters) is also threatening the peace of my homeland, AGAIN. I mean, why can't these people just mind their own business though? Since when invading other people's home became a hobby?

And again, I was the one who was chosen to fight off these evil invaders and restore peace to my country along with my allies. I must say that the campaign has worked well so far though, I managed to liberate 5 cities in just lest than 2 weeks from the clutches of the Crimson Empire. Hopefully I would be able to drive them away and push the battle back to them. Or I could invent a mother big ass bomb and drop it in their capital to make them surrender.

On my way to reclaim my capital city!

Sadly, the real Luke is just sitting behind the computer living out his 2 fantasies through Facebook games. Yes, out of all the games I can get hooked to, I got hooked to Facebook games (they're quite fun though, I must admit). And as expected from all Facebook games addicts, be prepared to have your inbox swarmed with games requests. After all, how to you expect me to fight evil on my own right?

Or you can start deleting me as friend now.


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