Hi, It's Me Again...

Hi, it's me again, trying to cram in my daily blog post before 2.30 strikes so I can hit the sack early. Yep, for all you non-university dwellers, 2.30 am is considered an early sleeping time here, especially if you're staying on campus. No wonder they have found in research that although university graduates tend to be smarter (and handsomer if your name is Luke Phang), they tend to die younger too. I guess they forgot to factor in the sleeping hours into the study.

Someone forgot to include this message in my orientation

And since I have only 30 minutes, I guess I would not be writing any long insightful post today like what I did yesterday for the Real Steel movie (someone commented that I sort of like "evolved" after my 21st birthday just because of that post. WIN) but instead I'll write a bit about updates and what's currently happening in my life. Just for you to know (if you're interested, else you can go back to Facebook-ing) and to give myself a reason to hang around a little longer before taking a trip to dreamland.

So yeah, life updates.

This week has been particularly bad for me. There was a fever greeting me at the start of the week, a result of me overestimating my body's ability to handle the heat from two consecutive McDonald's meal. So there's a bad start already and not to mention the 1200 word assignment on Thursday, the talent night performance that we're expected to win also on the sane day and the Friday test which I have not even started studying yet for. The only comfort I have is that all this blog writing has made word churning quite easy for me, my average blog posts have a few hundred words (if only I can combine them to make my assignment) but for everything else, I'm pretty screwed.

Oh and I've been talking a lot too. Mostly with CT actually, and mostly about deep stuff like life, ambitions and dreams. Take today for example. We talked about Dance Production and what is needed if a performance is to be staged at Esplanade. Kinda random but also kinda reminded me of when I first stepped into Eusoff Hall.

When I first got to experience hall culture, I was like "F*** Yeah, I'm gonna do this do that, achieve this achieve that and win the best Eusoffian Award ever!" but after two years, I'm more like, "Err... me? Nah, you got the wrong person. I'll never be able to do that". I guess failed auditions, too much upward comparisons and too little willpower did the trick. Oh well, at least I did check off one item from my "I'm so gonna own" list which is organizing orientation but for everything else, there's Master Card. Okay, that was lame. But yeah, you get the gist. It's like the Max vs Charlie dilemma from Real Steel all over again. If there's one thing life can do, it gets you pessimistic. Which is what happened mostly to our parents, that I can say.

That aside, my second attempt at publicity is still going well so far. Not stripping to my yellow underwear, mind you, but the iPad giveaway that is currently happening. The only thing I'm hoping for? No backlash. I guess I'll see when October 27th comes.

And I'm 10 minutes off my mark. Time for me to hit the sack, get some good sleep, hopefully shake this bug off and get some work done, which includes reading 200+ pages in less than 4 days, finishing up the script, finishing up my assignment and not die in the process. Wish me luck.


  1. you need a lot of water to cool your body, please do that for fast recovery.

  2. "Your thoughts grow" means that you are wiser after 21st, not that you have evolved!


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