Benefits Of Being Bald

I'm worried. Worried that I might end up like Bruce Willis by the age of 30. Not the famous and die hard part but the no hair part. Because judging from the amount of hair that my dustpan collect every time I sweep my floor in addition to the horror story told by my hairstylist that your hair would only grow seven times before it stop growing altogether, I am very certain that I will have one shiny head by the year 2020.

Which is why I've slowly accepting the inevitable fact this few years since I've come to NUS. The sleeping late, salty food and stress is guaranteed to make your hair stay away forever. In fact, my research for the past few days have shown that being bald isn't such a bad thing after all. I have attained enlightenment. Among the benefits of being bald that I found are:

1. Saves money

2. Saves Time

3. When your girlfriend needs a mirror, you can lend her your head

4. Bruce Willis is your best friend

5. You can start practicing the Shaolin Steel Headed move and use it to smash bricks

6. You can headspin to impress girls

You can use it to escape awkward situations

I just hope that I don't really have to test out these benefits.


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