165 Pages to Go

I have 165 more pages of dry text to cram into my head before my exams on the coming Friday, just less than 2 days away. And as I desperately try to stop blind panic from setting in, my brain can't help but mutter a few curses at the lecturer who gave me this hell in the first place.

"You all would not be having any lecture notes because I'm too lazy to write them".

"I especially chose this textbook because it is harder".

Lecturers who are bent on making your life harder instead of trying to make you learn more stuff. Lecturers who are more concerned with you memorizing every bit and detail of the textbook (such as which page of the textbook mentions this theory during an open book exam) rather than understanding what you have studied. Seriously, my hate for them knows no bounds. It's one thing of being a professor, it's totally another of being a lecturer. You are tasked to impart knowledge to your students, not to turn them into robots.

But who am I to complain. I am but a small student who is just barely trying to scrape enough grade so I can do my honours and my fourth year in NUS. Not to mention I have a show to put together tomorrow night. And if the system has been working fine for so long now, why would there be a problem now?

I guess now it's a good time to start praying for miracles.


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