Pictures for a Fried Brain

Okay my brain got fried today. No thanks to the super duper difficult cognitive psychology exam that I spent my whole semester reading the textbook, completely forsaking my other subjects in the meantime. But I shan't talk about it. Nope. What happened in the past stays in the past.

Meanwhile, since my brain is fried today, I would not be able to do any insightful blogging today. Instead, I'm gonna share with you all some funny pictures that I found on the internet. Like they say, laughter is the best medicine after all, especially for fried brains. So enjoy!


And how to sleep in tutorials

"It was suicide!"

We woke up and there I was in his hole

Except fr Spiderman!

Even Batman needs to rest

When we're young...

It's all in the name

I'm gonna do that next time

At least they're honest

I am Lukey and I look like a human

Not funny... but makes you wanna go aww...

Awesome way to hide your liquor!

No matter how I try to decipher this, I just can't come up with the original message

Happy weekends!


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