My First Interview?

There's a belief, or rumor, depending on how you see it, in the blogosphere that states that to be a famous blogger, one of the criteria that you have to meet is to have someone interview you for your blog experience. So when a friend of mine wanted to interview me for a module project, my first thought was, "Woohooo! Famous liao!". Okay lah, I'm thinking too much.

And since I'm lazy to squeeze my brain for any inspiration to blog today, I'm gonna CTRL C and V! Which in other words mean copy and paste. Hey, one of the perks of being famous is that I can be lazy right? I think. 

1) Could you tell me more about yourself (your background, interesting/unique experiences, major & why you chose it etc.)
A: Hmm okay. My name's Luke, I'm 21 years old this year (Finally an adult!) and I come from a very small town of Ipoh, in Malaysia. There's nothing really interesting about me, no saving the world, climbing Mount Everest story or anything, except to note that I'm quite a rebellious kid since young and coming to NUS and being in Singapore was never a part of my plans. You could say that in my attempt to prove everyone wrong and that I can succeed in my STPM (Malaysian A Levels equivalent), I ended up applying to NUS and being accepted.

2) I understand that you're a student and blogger as well, on top of being active in EH, how do you cope with so many commitments on hand?
Hmm, firstly, it's not as much commitment as how most would think. I have friends who have much more commitments than me and I'm one of the few lucky ones already. Blogging for one, takes much less effort than say, dancing or singing, it does not involves as much practices so the time spent blogging is relatively lesser. And I have this tendency to divide my days into chunks to make it more manageable. Like say 10 to 12 is my lesson time, 12 to 1 will be spent napping and 1 to 4 will be my study time. I guess that helps a bit.

3) You update your blog everyday, where do you find the time to do so? Are there certain things/activities that you sacrifice to do so?
A: I'll do it during my free time, like say when I've just finished bathing and need to wait an hour or so before going to sleep. Of course, that hour or so could be used to study...

4) What made you start to blog? (I think you started blogging around 2006?) What are your motivations to blog? (I believe that this was when you were still in Malaysia when you started?)
A: Wow, this could be lengthy. And kinda amusing when I think back on it. Like you said, it was 2006 when I started blogging and I was like what, 16 years old at that time? And I was ambitious. I think I read articles on how blogs are starting to change how the internet works, how blogs are influencing people and thought, "Hey, I want to influence people too!" and hence I started blogging. If you read some of the very old blog posts in my blog (the 2006-07 era), you could see that most of the posts are quite thought provoking in nature. Some of the titles of blog posts that I managed to dig up includes,"The Event Is Nothing, The Response Is Everything", "The circle is more important than the dot" and "God's Ways". You get the idea

5) Were there experiences or people who impacted you to start blogging?
A: I can't remember a specific person or event that triggered me to start blogging, but I think it's more of what's happening around me, my friends and teenagers that I saw that made me wanna take up blogging and "change the world".

6) How about in general - what/who inspires you?
A: Life in general. Friends. People around me. Events. Political drama. Funny things. Anything that makes me just wanna type it out on my blog

7) Is there any particular audience that you're trying to capture through your blog?
A: Hmm... not specifically. is catered for everyone! XD

8) What do you like to blog about?
A: Things that inspire me. And for the list of things that inspire me, please refer to question 6. :p

9) Where do you get your inspiration for your blog posts?
(Err this is same as question 6 right?)

10) What activities have/are you joining in EH?
A: Wow. Quite a lot actually. I have joined EusoffWorks doing videography, been a volunteer for Eusoff Voluntary Corps, a dancer for Eusoff Hall's Dance Production, Eusoff Rag and also Chingay, been the Eusoff Hall Orientation Committee Programmes Head and is now currently the B Block head too.
11) How would you rank your priority for studies, blogging and commitments in hall, or any other significant acitivites?
This might be a little embarrassing, but studies is definitely not the highest ranking, and blogging and hall commitments take on quite an equal ranking for me. But if I have to choose, I would choose hall commitments above blogging because there's where most of my friends are.

12) You were the nominated as one of the finalist for the Best What The Hell award for the Singapore Blog Awards 2011 in July, what was your experience throughout this process? (any learning point, after-thoughts, what you're doing to prepare for next year etc.)
A: It was quite an honor actually, because I never expected to be selected as the finalist (I sort of nominated myself for the sake of fun) and you could say that it was quite a significant step forward for the blog. It's like finally getting a recognition for all the hard work that have been done for the blog and to be honest, I was overjoyed. Of course, getting selected also means that I have an expectation to live up to already and that I now must work even harder for the blog. Maybe I'll aim to win next year. Hopefully.

13) Having had this exposure, how is life different? (eg. having been able to know other bloggers, having to attend more events to blog about, more samples to review etc. and your thoughts about it)
A: Hmm, life's not much that different actually. I've gotten to know the winner of the category, Aussie Pete, got a fair bit more of exposure but life still goes on normally. I'm an NUS student, after all, and being one means having assignments, readings and tutorials to cope for first. But having the opportunity is bask in the limelight is sure a fun experience. And I can brag more often now :p

14) What are some of your future plans? (after graduation, during your remaining stint in NUS etc.)
A: Maybe do something explosive in my final year (if my CAP allows) like joining JCRC and participate in more blogging events. Definitely. Or maybe take up a new hobby. See where the path leads me

15) Will you continue to blog after graduation?
A: Of course! Blogging is part of my life now

16) When will be the right time to pull the plug on blogging?
A: When I finally leave the world? I hope they have computers in the afterlife.


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