Today I performed a magic trick. One that I have always seen my father perform and wished that I could one day do the same too. Today, that dream came true for me, amidst blood, sweat and a damn whole of confusion. But I did it. I managed to turn this:

And these:

And turn them into this:

Awesome right?

As a kid, I have always stared in amazement while watching my father assemble and newly bought furniture parts into one complete chair, table, cupboard, shelves, anything. It seemed like a super power to me, being able to put together one awesome piece of furniture from all the tiny tiny parts that doesn't make sense just by reading a paper. And I would secretly wished that when I grow up, I would become super like my dad too!

I achieved that today with my first self assembled chair. And all those work just seem to bring back the nostalgia in me, reminding me of once upon a time where life was so much simpler and innocent. And definitely much easier because I have my dad to assemble everything for me. Ah, the wonders of growing up.

But then again, my newly transformed "workstation" looks pretty awesome now right?

Seeing it just make me wanna go


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