What Would I Do In A Zombie Apocalypse

I had the chance of watching Resident Evil: Apocalypse for the first time today during my 8 hour journey back to home on a bus (I also managed to watch 3 other movies in that 8 hours but lets just focus on the resident evil first). 

Watching the movie reminded me of the recently released "Zombie Apocalypse Guide" by the United States government. Basically it's a guide that teaches you how to survive should your friendly neighbor suddenly turns into a flesh eating monster, much like how an earthquake guide teaches you how to hide under a table during earthquakes.
I've not read the USA guide yet but as far as I'm concerned, if a government decides to release a guide like that, the threat should be real enough. And being a hardcore zombie apocalypse fan (I've played countless games and watched countless movies associated with zombies before), I thought I could use some of my experience gained from all those hours of damaging my eyesight to come out with something useful. A Lukey's guide to a zombie apocalypse, perhaps.

And here's what I do should a zombie apocalypse happen (touch wood) anytime soon. After all, the world is gonna end in 2012 right? And they did not say how it's gonna end.


1. Plant some plants.

One of the number one concern when a zombie apocalypse happen is keeping a steady food supply. And it's best if I don't have to go far away to scavenge for food from 7-11 or any supermarkets because I might be in danger of getting ambushed or getting myself lost in the way.

So the best way is to have some vegetables and fruits growing outside of your house so you would not have to travel far for food. And who knows, maybe the pea plant you grow can be a natural defense by helping to shoot peas at zombies.


2. Surround myself with water

If you're a fan of zombie movies, one mistake that you commonly see is survivors tend to barricade themselves in some building only to have the zombies breaking in through the doors and windows later and kill them all.

Not me, definitely. The best way to keep zombies out is to have some natural protection or barricade and in the zombie doomsday case, water would be good. You don't have to build it and you don't have to worry about them suddenly crashing through. An island, for instance, is one excellent example. It's surrounded by water so you don't have to constantly worry about zombies sneaking into your hideout because the water serves as a natural barricade.

Assuming that zombies don't swim, that is.


3. Know where the nearest military barracks / police station is

During a zombie apocalypse, having enough firepower to protect yourself is the key to survival. And you can expect to survive wielding some pan or newspaper roll right? You need to kill them before they reach you. And knowing where to grab those weapons is a huge plus point.


4. Get myself a hot girlfriend

What? A guy still needs to keep himself entertained right? And some company is perhaps one of the most important way to keep yourself from going insane. Not to mention that I'm now entrusted to further the cause of humanity by reproducing.


5. Stay put for 3 months at least

Another mistake that survivors like to make during a zombie apocalypse is that they like to venture about, walking here and there looking for things for example, exposing themselves as a prime target for the zombies.

If I am one of the survivor, I would stock up enough food and water to last 3 months and camp at a place for that period without moving. I'm sure that zombies need fuel or food too to survive and by 3 months when they can't find enough live humans to eat, they will eventually die out.

And that's the perfect time for me to go out.


6. No feelings, at all

If either my friends or family get infected, I'll just shoot them in the head. No questions asked. Because when you let feelings get into your judgment, you'll end up being a zombie yourself and you'll have the friend that you just saved to thank.

Not me. Any indication that you're infected and that's it, off with your head. Boom.


So yeap, that's roughly what I'll do should a zombie apocalypse happen. And apparently zombie apocalypse guide is quite a big thing among us humans. Heck they even made a documentary out of it. It's called Zombieland by the way


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