Fine Dining Here I Come

After countless hours of trying to choose the best deal on (there's just so many good deals on the site, making it so hard to choose) and also countless hours of trying to find someone who is willing to accompany me, I've finally settled on a seemingly perfect deal; fine dining at a restaurant called Krish!

Awesome view right?

 To be honest, I've never really experienced fine dining before in my life until the moment I clicked buy now on the website and to be honest again, I am really looking forward to the experience of acting high class while eating at the restaurant.

And best of all, thanks to, instead of having to squeeze my bank account dry to enjoy such a good meal at such a high class restaurant like Krish, I get to eat there for a much cheaper price too (I got 50% discount for a SGD 50 voucher, so I save 25 dollars!).

And to make the deal even sweeter,the entire process of ordering was easy and simple too, without having me to go through lots of red tape and obstacles to get the order. All I have to do is just place my order for the voucher, choose the mode of payment (credit card or NETS or wash the plates), confirm your order and voila, you have your vouchers sent to your email.
The vouchers now sitting in my email
And after that, all I have to do is to print out the vouchers and bring it together with me when I visit the restaurant. It's that easy and simple until I can't believe my eyes and I was half expecting something to go wrong during the transaction.

Nothing went wrong though and the entire shopping experience at was quite fun and simple and best-est of all, you get to enjoy loads of awesome deals like good food and also luxury stuff and travel deals for a much cheaper price. And I'll definitely be returning in the future to this website whenever I feel hungry again for some food hunting. Or maybe to grab some awesome vacation deals whenever I want to go for a vacation.

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