First Look

Prior to being chosen as one of the bloggers's Best Shopping Blog for Singapore Blog Awards 2011, I have heard quite a bit of this kind of special deals website from my friends before. 6 of my friends (or 3 couples, to be exact), for example, will be visiting Bali this coming August for a very cheap price thanks to, an offer that I missed out because I've never heard of before (and I also don't belong to the couples category).

Besides, when it comes to shopping, us guys aren't exactly good at it and I never really thought of hunting down deals online. But, I guess things can be changed. As part of my challenge, I was given 100 SGD credits to spend on the site and to write about my experience spending those money.

Well, when there's free money and the chance to get cheap things, why not right? Off to I go! Actually, wait, I can just do that with a few mouse clicks only. Cool!

And here I am at the site!

Well, if you're like me, when you first arrive at the site, you'll probably will be overwhelmed by all the words, pictures and information thrown at you but thankfully, the site has a great FAQ section and is quite user friendly. After half an hour of prodding around here's what I find about about the site:

1.There are mainly 3 types of deals which you can choose from, which is food, travel and items

2. You need to sign up for an account to be eligible to buy the deals on the site, in which you need to provide your payment details too like credit card or Paypal. Luckily for me, I have a hundred dollars free, courtesy of the Deal Guru himself.

3. When you have an account and credits ready, you're ready to start! Just simply choose any deal that you like and click buy it for a much cheaper price.

4. However, you need to have enough people bidding on a deal for the deal to be valid, which is logical from a business point of view, because if only one person wants the deal, it would be pointless to have that promotion right?

5. Not only that, you need to act fast! Most deals are only there for a certain period of time, after which it will be closed.

6. The website gets updated daily, which means that there's new deals every day, so if you don't find any deal that you like on one day, you can always come back a few days later to see if there's any new deals. Following on Facebook or Twitter is a good way to keep yourself updated with the daily new deals that they have.

Since I'm a food lover, I think I'll go for awesome food deals (from expensive restaurant at half the price!) that are available. So yeap, would you please excuse me while I go do a little browsing through and I'll be back with the second part of this post when I finally make a purchase cause you know, being a species which shops not very often, I am much more slower when looking through the various options, so stay tune! And remember to vote for me in Singapore Blog Awards!


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