NTU Girl Suicide? Or something more?

 [Note]: If you're looking for the NTU suicide case that just happened (January 21, 2012), apparently there is no news yet about it. But I heard that NTU students have received an email from the principal. Anyone mind clarifying this?

[Note 2]: Found this message online by the NTU Principal regarding the case. Hope this satisfies your curiosity. The victim is probably a PRC or foreigner since she's attending bridging course.

Picture's source: http://lockerz.com/s/176380601

[Note 3]: The below blog post was written last year about another case, yes I know. I just added the above two notes because a lot of people were searching for the recent case so I thought I would be helpful in not misdirecting you all. Maybe I should add some borders to separate this 2 cases. How about 5 stars?

[Note 3.5]: On a separate note, if you want to read more about the news, you can find it at http://sg.news.yahoo.com/ntu-student-found-dead-in-hall-of-residence.html . And wishing you a happy Chinese New year


I've been seeing how a case of a NTU girl's suicide attempt is spreading around the internet like a wildfire recently. The fact that no official report has further fueled the fire. Until now, there have been only rumours about how she stabbed her head and how she was creepy, stuff like that, which you know, probably made the entire incident even more juicy for gossip. 

I was interested also, of course, because being a human, I'm just as busybody and kaypoh as everyone else so I decided to do a little digging about the whole incident. What I found was that there's a newspaper today about the incident:

21yo ATB student at NTU was found to be lying down in the NTU hostel room... there ish even a knife pop into her head...

This happened on y'day 1.10pm... at a room in hall1, blk 16 NTU hostel

ATB came from cheena henan, ish a yr2 student...

Her room mate discovered her lying on floor riao den immediately informed school security and call for ambulance...

ATB ish vicim at the time of being sent to NUH for treatment, currently stable and police investigations going on...








sauce: zaobao.com.sg

P/s: I didn't provide the English translation. Someone from the forum did and I know, the English is just... speechless lol. Too bad I don't know Chinese.
There's a statement from the NTU Hall 1 president, where the incident occurred:


As much as the rumors can spread. Let me provide all an account of what happened.

A resident was found conscious with cuts and an ambulance was called to convey the resident to the hospital for treatment. This case, as in all such cases, was investigated by the Police. As in all such cases, we put in place our internal SOP since we are responsible for the welfare of all residents and students.

No one is asking anyone to remain quiet on the issue. We have not done so. What I am saying is that we should not speculate, sensationalise or spread false information since such action could jeopardise an on-going investigation. I do not know all the facts until the Police have thoroughly investigated the incident.

I understand that people gwark and people spread rumours. People are curious creatures. I believe that we also have the right to factual information. At the moment, many things are hazy to me and to everyone. These are facts.

In case anybody is trying to pass off any other form of false information, please let them know it is not fair to our fellow student who is in the midst of recovery.

No motivational life quotes to share but just treasure the people close to you, because love is what makes everything seems meaningful.

For those who are having their papers or going to have them soon, i wish you all the best for the upcoming papers!

Source: http://www.facebook.com/notes/hux-lim/incident-in-hall-1/10150564823565191


And I even found a note supposedly written by her neighbor:

Okay guys...
this matter has been heavy on my heart..
so i am taking this opportunity to write a note about an incident that has happened this afternoon.
Seeing how social media has allowed "word of mouth" to spread like wildfire, i am not surprise if this piece of news will be on everyone's lips tomorrow. Thus, i write so we will be reminded of how important it is to be conscious about each other despite the busy hectic lifestyle that we student face in this competitive "bell-curve" environment.

You would probably hear or have heard the incident of an attempted suicide case in Block 16, Hall 1.
She is a China student and was found subconscious by her room mate this morning with
her head bleeding profusely.There has been many rumored speculations  from banging of the head to dramatic ones like stabbing, yet the cause is unreleased. I have heard from the Hall Fellows who came to knock on my door that she is now in hospital & thankfully fine.

Apparently, she was a neighbor of mine which i did not meet or get to know since moving to Hall 1 a month ago, perhaps the most common thing we shared was the bathroom connecting both of our rooms.
The bathroom was also where i found a couple of  drips of blood stains last night which i dismissed it for a woman's 'time of the month'. However, this morning after returning from school, i saw 3 polices and a cordon area. I was shock to have found out the news that was close to "home" or should i say "room".

What struck me of this incident was that if she  wasn't my neighbor, i would feel just...oh..sad....and just carry on fixating my face upon the computer screen or lecture notes. Yet, it happening just  a stone throw away  just grabbed my attention to a whole new level..

It reminded me how oblivious i am to my surroundings and perhaps i am ashamed to say,
how indifferent i am to tragedy. I dare say that i am not alone in this... its seems to me..we don't see such tragedy as a gentle reminder of people lives we ought to "care for" not just " care about" and empathy we ought to extend in those who are struggling through hard times...

In such a phase of transition into an adulthood, it is a difficult time of questioning and finding one's place in society...accompanied with stress of having to seat through exams and project deadlines....So i guess with all this things going on for a young adult, i do hope we could be more conscious and understanding to each other's circumstances. Lets be sensitive and not be too quick to judge or dismiss one another weakness.
And in times of hectic living, lets not be too caught up that we loose sight of others..
I guess we ought to also be thankful for those who are ever so willing to extend a listening ear and hand in our times of need...

On that note, i leave you all with this quote:

'Self-absorption in all its forms kills empathy, let alone compassion. When we focus on ourselves, our world contracts as our problems and preoccupations loom large. But when we focus on others, our world expands. Our own problems drift to the periphery of the mind and so seem smaller, and we increase our capacity for connection -- or compassionate action.' - Daniel Goleman


But I would like to stress that until now, there hasn't been any official statements or the entire story yet of what happened. Police are continuing their investigations, like what the president said.
However, I must say that I find it funny of how no friends of this girl has come out yet to clarify the whole situation. I mean, everyone who is talking about her now, or claims to know her, have limited exposure to her. I mean, the victim must have some friends right? Where are they?

I guess we can only know when the victim decides to speak. Or when there's an official news source. For now, I guess we can only depend on what's happening in the internet. I will be updating if there's any other new updates so stay tuned.

Update #1: A site called Edvantage seems to have a lot of details, even her name, but still no motives or full story behind it. The big question of why is still unanswered: http://edvantage.com.sg/edvantage/news/news/615636/NTU_student_found_with_knife_in_head.html


  1. The 2 cases are independent. The one which was addressed by the NTU President took place last night, or early this morning (20/21 jan) in Hall 13. The Hall 1 incident took place last year. Hope this clarifies a bit.

  2. Oh okay I just realised you KNOW they're unrelated. Maybe a line to separate the email screenshot from the rest of your writeup on last year's case would help. :)


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