Funny Pictures for Pre-Exam DeStress

Sometimes, the teacher makes all the difference when it comes to education. Even though your subject might be boring like the annual budget presentation speech, all it takes is just one good lecturer to make the subject interesting. Or a funny and lame lecturer in my case.

One night before the exam, knowing that all of us would be stressed out (the constant reminder that the exam would not be easy by our lecturer did not really help), our dear lecturer uploaded quite a few files to help the students de-stress.

One was about the divine argument about dogs and the other was about funny signboards all around the world. And since the lecturer sent it, we must read it right?


The Ultimate Divine Dog Debate


Funny signboards from around the world


Now that I'm done laughing and de-stressing, time to resume mug mode. Although I my mind is currently wondering if my Fifi will go to heaven or not?


  1. You just helped me de-stress a little too.

  2. Nice joke! Text contents different but the surrounding in the photo remain unchange incluiding leaves and even shadows caused by the sun.


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