Of Acid Rain, Mutated Frogs and just a plain Hoax

Did you hear? Apparently the radiation leak that occurred in Japan's nuclear reactor due to the earthquake has seeped into the atmosphere and is causing radioactive clouds to form throughout Asia. And if those clouds produce rain, it will cause damage to your body if you are hit directly with it. So please stay indoors at all time if rain really comes. Or at least that is what the 10 SMSes sent to me by my friends said.
Oh, and not only that, did you hear other news too regarding about the radiation leak?

Apparently the radioactive waste have flowed towards the sea, causing irreparable damage and pollution to the seawater. People are advised not to drink any water from the sea, not to swim in the sea and not to eat any fishes from the sea because the sea now contains a very high amount of radiation and any contact with it, through water and fishes, may cause cancer or even death. Spread to your loved ones please.

Also, it has also been reported that a lizard that lives close to the reactor have transformed into Godzilla after coming into contact with high amount of radiation and is now coming to attack Southeast Asia. People are advised to stock up on pesticide or rubber bands because lizards are scared of those. Please spread to your loved ones so they would know that to do if Godzilla comes.

The lizard, or now known as Godzilla that got infected with the radiation
And adding on to the earlier claim of the acid rain, scientists have also warned that coming into contact with excessive amount of the radioactive rain will cause your skin to turn green and your muscles to grow exponentially when you are angry due to the mutation that could happen to your cells. If you don't want your family to turn green, please spread it.

Direct contact with the radioactive rain will turn you into this


Seriously, even after so many fake SMS that have gone around for the past few years, we still can be duped by hoaxes like this. I guess anything that strikes fear and panic gets spread really quickly even though a quick search on Google will reveal that those claims are nothing but a prank.

For your info, the acid rain SMS is nothing but a sick hoax that is playing on our current fears and making fun of the Japan tragedy. It is NOT TRUE. There will be no acid rain falling anywhere. The claim that the rain is acidic has been refuted here http://www.allvoices.com/contributed-news/8465873-acid-rain-news-circulating-via-text-message-a-hoax so please don't get all panicky and start forwarding these SMS, emails of Facebook statuses.

If there's a risk of radioactive rain, it will be reported in major news website. Just keep yourself updated and don't believe any SMS sent unless you have seen it from reliable sources like BBC or CNN news website. News that come from SMS or emails can be hardly trusted. Stay frosty yeah?
And please stop sending me these SMS without checking the authenticity of it first. Having 10 people tell you that there's gonna be acid rain today isn't a really good way to start a day. But oh well, I guess I could use the acid rain as an excuse to stay indoors and skip my tutorials.

And please help to spread this blog post to your loved ones too.

P/S: I walked under the rain just now. My skin did not turn green and I did not grow extra toes of fingers. And I'm still handsome. So there's no acid rain.


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