NUS Open House?

Tomorrow will be the second day of NUS (National University of Singapore) Open House for 2011. The day where anxious parents and anxious would-be-students come to NUS to "see" how university life is like. And the day where I have to wake up at 8.30 am, man a booth and answer questions from anxious students with my panda eyes in a half sleeping state.

Frankly, I do not see any use of open house aside from wasting a few hours of your precious time because no matter how much you ask, no matter how much you see, no matter how much research you do, there is just no way you would understand how something works until you try it.

Sure, you might come to know that the university has a lot of slopes and stairs if you come for the open house in NUS's case but the amount of work and the culture can only be understood if you have experienced it yourself, despite how much people might tell you of it. Take tutorial classes for example. Or hall life in my case. Despite having gone through numerous hours of talks, brochures and internet searching, I still did not have a single of how everything works until I came to experience it myself.

But still, I guess it kinda makes people less anxious and give them a sort of little preparation, although not a big one, when they come to open house. And it gives me a reason to speak to loads of pretty girls who will look up to me as their senior and someone who is mature about university life. Maybe a short conversation with a pretty girl would lead to a love experience of a lifetime.

I just hope she would not mind those damn panda eyes of mine.

No, this is not the booth I am going to hang out at. And let me assure you that no halls in NUS look like that

This is where I will be. And yeah, no halls in NUS look like this too

However, we do have a TV like this in hall. Minus all those faces, that is


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