Lukey, Your Next Celebrity Blogger!

After an iPad, a Nokia X6 phone and being one of the Top 23 World's Coolest Intern, I'm now one of the Top 10 finalists for F&N Spread The Groove Challenge to win a 3D2N trip to Osaka! Woohoo!

If the rate of me winning free stuff from blogging continues, I will be able to finally realize my dreams of becoming a famous blogger like Xiaxue and Kenny Sia and be known as the next celebrity blogger of Southeast Asia! Not to mention being a handsome one too.

Now that my path to become a celebrity blogger is clearer than ever, I think it's time for me to list out the things that I want to be done once I'm famous. Among those are:
1. Get a nose job, eye job, ear job and mouth job done. And yes, I mean a plastic surgery by that.

As a top blogger, of course you must look your best right? And what better and easier way to improve your looks than going under the knife? Since most famous bloggers in Singapore has done it before (Xiaxue did it and so did Dawn Yang) I figured I might as well follow the trend too. Perhaps after surgery, I will even look more handsome like this:

Oops, sorry I mean like this:

Handsome right?

2. Rename my blog

And when I'm more famous and more handsome, it's only natural for me to change my blog name to something totally new to go with it right? Introducing as my new blog name!

3. Be lazy

Now that I'm a celebrity blogger, I don't have worry about coming up with good post already and still I would have people flocking to my blog and giving my loads of money. Which is why I'm gonna stop writing this post now. Bye bye.


  1. You're always winning stuffs, now a trip to Japan?! How nice. Congrats and all the best btw (: LOL You don't need any plastic surgery cause you're handsome enough HAHA

  2. Why would you get plastic surgery just to follow the trend? That is silly! If it is for a legitimate reason, then the risk is okay, but not to just follow other people. I am looking for a skin tightening solution, but would not just follow people around and get an elastic band around my stomach to prevent me from eating. Know what I mean?

    1. Hi Jackie! Was only trying to be funny up there. Could never go under the knife itself tbh

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