Argument Next Door

"Eh you shut up!"

"Stop talking!"

"Let me tell you something..."

"I say say fucking cum (or was it come?)"

*Slams table*

"Ello are you there?"

"Why are you so fucking rude with me?"

"Mum I'm angry because of you!"

*Slams table again*

"Go live your normal life..."

No worries. That wasn't me being angry or emo (I promised never to post any emo post again if I can). I just suddenly found my room to be filled with shouts and sounds of a guy arguing. Very loudly. Guess someone wasn't having a really good day with his mum and wanted to share his story with me.

That or the next time you want to argue and shout over the phone, please be reminded that your neighbor could be a nosy person, like me, and would to eavesdrop on your argument.

I think I'll ask how is he doing afterward.


  1. That's some hot headed neighbors u have there bro!

  2. and that neighbor might have a blog n blog about it to...and nxt time may provide actual recording n footages? lols....


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