Nice VS Not Nice

I've noticed something rather peculiar in life today. Have you ever heard about how girls often tell you that they want a nice guy who treats them well, understands them and kind to them as their boyfriend? But have you also noticed that if you happen to be like the guy mentioned above and confessed to a girl that wants the above for a guy, she will tell you that although you're very nice, the feelings are just not there and ask you not to worry because there are a lot of girls out there that is suitable for s nice guy like you? And the next thing you know is that they got together with some other jerk.

The bottom line? Being nice, understanding or kind does not count. The most important thing is still whether you have the feelings or not and whether you are a jerk. It's scientifically proven.

So guys, don't bother trying to be nice when chasing a girl. Because it bloody well don't matter.


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