World's Coolest Intern Top 23 Conference

Remember my post about this conference that I have to attend? (If you forgot you can refresh your memory at

I've finally decided to go alright, despite the countless phobias that I might trigger during the event (namely social phobia, speaking in front of people phobia etc) because to put it simply, there's not many chances like this that I would get in my life and it would be a great learning experience. I have my friends to thank actually, for pushing me to go and a particular reader of mine (her name is Vittoria Levi btw, and she blogs at for her comment in that post. I realized that I shouldn't always hide inside this shell of mine and be prepared to venture out and do the unthinkable once in a while.

Sure, I might still make a fool out of myself on that day, judging from the video and item that I plan to use but hey, we all need fools sometimes in our life to add colors to it right? And it wouldn't be that bad either. At least I will leave an impression as a funny guy, I hope. I just pray that I wouldn't stutter so much and go blank on stage, hope that my 2 semesters worth of class presentation is worth it.

Hopefully I will be bringing a camera there to capture the happenings of the day and be able to blog about it and for now, I'm gonna go do my video. Adios!

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