My Underwear

This is not mine by the way. I don't wear Calvin Klein and red underwear are soooo icky

Today I'm gonna talk about my underwear. Part of the reason is because I am running out of things to talk and another part of it is because I noticed that something peculiar is happening to the collection of underwear I have.

You see, every semester without fail, the amount of underwear I have will dwindle down from the original amount that I have. Lets say I have 7 at the start of the semester and when the semester closes 6 months later, I will most probably end up with 4 or 5. What happened to the rest, I will never know.

It's not that anyone would want to steal them though. They're pretty much worthless and don't smell nice, unless that they're that poor and can't afford to buy 1 themselves, but other than that I can't see any other reason people would want them. Besides, the only time that I bring my underwear out is when I wear them or when I wash them.

It's kinda annoying sometimes. I have bought like how many replacement underwear every time one goes missing and if I were to total up my total my expenditure replacing all my missing underwear, it would easily beat the amount of money I spend on my clothes itself. Serious.

I guess this is part of university life. Having your stuff go missing once in a while and it happens to be underwear in my case. Perhaps one day I will find out why this keeps happening because like they say, the truth is out there. Or perhaps I should just install GPS tracking device unto them.

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