My Take On Kenneth Tong and Anorexia

EDIT: Apparently this Kenneth Tong is only doing all these for the sake of getting famous, I believe, read more about it at and the below rantings were written before I went and investigate about him. Just for your info.


I am angry. Angry at how stupid some people is nowadays. Yes, STUPID. Might as well add IDIOT and BRAINLESS to the mix at the same time. I don't usually judge people like that, but when someone could have such a twisted perception and practically do not know how to think for the betterment of his fellow humans, there's really nothing else to call him.

Let me introduce you to this called Kenneth Tong. Apparently he's already quite famous in Twitter (!/MrKennethTong) and was trending a few days ago thanks to this sick notion that he has about thin being the only definition of beauty. He actively promotes the benefits of this so called "managed" anorexia and discriminates against people who are "fat" or "curvy".

Example of his tweets

For those of you who do not know, anorexia nervosa is an "eating disorder characterized by refusal to maintain a healthy body weight" and is one of the most fatal psychological disorders in our world today. Most anorexic patients die young due to insufficient nutrient in their bodies, caused by their overly thin bodies which are often pushed beyond the point of starvation. A very famous case would be of Ana Carolina Reston, a 21 year old Brazilian model who died in 2007 thanks an infection caused by anorexia (at 1.72 m, she only weighted 40kg and her body was overly weak due to malnutrition).

Thanks to anorexia, a pretty girl like her had to die and her mother was so depressed over it. Read more here

  Not only that, a significant portion of anorexic patients have other overlapping  psychological disorders such as depression and not forgetting other physical complications such as amenorrhea, cardiovascular problems and also lanugo (downy hair) that might arise. Many anorexic patients also resort to suicide sooner or later according to statistics.

Adding a "managed" in front of the word anorexia does not change the fact that anorexia is still unhealthy and life threatening. My guess is that this Mr Kenneth Tong never had to see how families are torn apart before when a daughter in the family had to die because of anorexia. Perhaps he is okay with the idea of his daughter having to visit hospitals 3 times a week due to dangerous malnutrition caused by anorexia.

And who said you have to be super thin to be pretty? As far as I know, most guys would prefer to have girlfriends with a nice body shape with nice breasts and butt (it sounds dirty but it true) rather than a girl with just bones. Besides, there's always this risk of breaking their bones whenever you hug them.

You want your girlfriend to be like this?

With so many dangers that anorexia posts, both to girls and families, it is wise for us to stop this guy from spreading anymore of his sick view of beauty. I'm not saying that thin is bad, but when you go over to the extreme balance until you become nothing but bones, you're not doing any good to yourself or to your family. Your body cannot and will not sustain such a figure.

And if you don't know, having food that you can eat is a blessing. If you look at places without food like Africa, they do not have girls throwing food away because they want to look thin. Instead, people there fight over food and attempt to eat as many as they can so please treasure what you have.

And if you have a Twitter account, please join in the effort to stop this sick guy from influencing others. Go to and help spread the message. Everyone deserves to be pretty in their own way and not on how people dictate them to be. Pass on this post.

P/s: Half of me think this whole thing is a publicity stint and this Kenneth Tong is wanting to be famous, but that's only a guess. I will update more on him.

Pp/s: Updated news on him:


  1. just think that TOO THIN is scarier than too FAT.. nice sharing.. will come back again

  2. Well, everyone has their freedom of thoughts and expression ah. Just that this guy chose to do it a way that he make perverse looked innocents. He is the king of all sick diabolical opinions.

  3. please support @MrTongIsWrong and join the campaign against Tong

  4. Hi I have just started a facebook campaign please join i love your blog we must get rid of this vile creature and his notions he will be torn down in the media i will make sure of that!/pages/Petition-to-remove-Mr-Kenneth-Tong-promoter-of-anorexia-and-size-zero-x/142144519175735


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