Dear Mr Loudspeaker,

Dear Mr Loudspeaker (whoever you are cause I can't seem to track you down),

I hope you're having a good day so far, I think you are, judging from all the techno and all the club music you're playing right now. The reason that I'm writing this letter to you is to talk to you about the set of speakers that you own.

I know that you have a really good set of speakers with a good bass surround sound system in your room and with such good speakers, it would be natural for you to use it to it's maximum capability. After all, what's a good song or music if you don't play it really loud and immerse yourself in it?

Besides, if I were you, I would also love to show off the awesome power of the speakers to everyone that I may know. Like they said, having the ability to blast really loud music is a total turn on for chicks. I'm sure that you have people dropping every now and then at your room, attracted by the sound of your really loud speakers. And I'm pretty sure you're quite popular too due to that reason.

However, I do wish to point out that not all would share the same love for loud music with the heavy thumping of bass as you. There are people who prefer quietness after all and this happen to be a university hostel we're living in. More often than not, people would love to study for a change and loud music with thumping basses and drums doesn't really help much in getting all the mathematical equations and theories in.

And if you happen to be like me, there's also an occasional nap here and there, where we need to get some power nap to recharge before going to the next class. Loud music with thumping basses makes us feel that we're more like in a club rather than dreamland.

So as both a friend and a hostel mate, I appeal to you to think of your fellow hostel mates and friends who might be studying or sleeping at the time when you choose to turn on the awesome speakers of yours and share your love for music with us because not all of us would appreciate it. To be honest, some of us might even hate you for it but we just do not know how to tell you in a good way, afraid that we might offend your feelings or even get beaten up by you.

But still, I have no choice. I would tolerate it if I can but I'm afraid that I can't, which is why I'm writing you this letter. So Mr Loudspeaker, the next time you turn on your speakers, I would appreciate it really much if you could tone down the volume a little bit. At least to a level where my walls wouldn't vibrate together with your music.

Or if you're afraid that the toning down of the speaker's volume would affect your experience of enjoying the music, I have a better suggestion where you can listen to the music you like at the top of it's volume and I can have some peace at the same time. Headphones. That way, we can have a win win situation where no one will be pissed or annoyed.

The best solution to our problem

I hope this letter would reach you well. And thanks for taking the time for reading my frustrations.

Someone who hates loud music


  1. You know, if he plays his music past 11pm, you can just report him to the RF.


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