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It's not easy maintaining a blog, to be honest. Especially when you have a blog name called "LUKEYisHandsome.com" because as the blog owner, somehow you're expected to live up to what you claim to be in your blog. Someone who has a blog name called "Bitchy Rants" would be expected to bitch rant about everything in her life all the time and someone who names his blog "Emo Kid Writes" would be expected to write loads of emo stuff in his blog. Which explains why there's a need for Lukey to be handsome in this case.

This is Lukey. Handsome right? I'm just kidding. This is not Lukey. But he looks something like this though, except he's a little bit shorter, wears glasses and is an Asian

And as all handsome guys know, it's not easy being handsome either. I'm referring to the maintaining part, that is. If you happen to have taken biology lessons before, you would know that in the body we live in, despite how good looking we might be when we're born, is subjected to a lot of external factors such as stress, hormones, viruses and aging, to name a few, and if those things are left unchecked, would affect how you look, whether you like it or not.

Aside from external factors, your body can also be divided into various parts and you have to take care of all of them if you want to look good. There's the face you need to look after, the body shape you need to maintain, the skin and even the hair that you must ensure to be in a good condition if you were to be considered as handsome or pretty.

While most of my body are still in a quite handsome condition, I do have a problem in trying in maintaining this handsome look that I have. And this problem happens to be my hair. Yes, my hair.

Yeap, that's my hair I'm pointing to alright

Don't get me started with the amount of problems I have with my hair. As a famous fashion expert once remarked, having healthy hair that looks nice and natural is one of the key ingredients of being a handsome guy / pretty girl. When you have stylish hair, it will certainly will help boost your degree of handsomeness/prettiness while a bad hair day while undoubtedly affect how you look. Even if you have a Brad Pitt face, a bad hair day will make you look like a Justin Bieber.

She's pretty. If you don't look at the hair. Get my point?

Which brings us to the main topic of the day, what's wrong with my hair. You see, my hair is un-styled almost 99% of the time out of 24 hours per day. Which means that the hairstyle that you'll usually find on me is the one I woke up with. No gel, no wax, just water if I remembered to bath.

It's not that I do not enjoy styling my hair, it's just that the condition of my hair is that vulnerable that any chemicals I put on it, be it wax or gel, would greatly damage my hair. My hairstylist once remarked that my hair was that bad that there's a high chance of me joining the ranks of "guys going bald before the age of 40" if there's no miracle happening. Dandruff, dry hair, hair fall, undernourished hair, you name it, I got it.

Heck, my dandruff problem is that bad to the extent that every time I scratch my hair in a high place, people below would think that snow have come to Singapore. Until when they decide to look up, that is. The next thing you'd see would be an angry mob chasing me down for infecting them with my snowy white dandruff. And along with my dandruff, you'd have my hair falling all over too. I have to sweep my room at least once every 2 to 3 days or risk having it covered in hair. My hair. Not the curly ones okay.

I did went once for a scalp treatment in hopes of fixing this poblem, afraid that I'd be bald before I'd actually have a girlfriend. Sadly, it did not work out that well. My hair did stop falling and the dandruff did disappeared but two weeks after treatment, when I enrolled in NUS and started my life here, my dreaded hair problem came back to haunt me.

To this day, I am still having problems with my hair. And dandruff. Try as I might, I can't seem to get rid of it. I've tried switching shampoos (from Dove to Pantene to Clear to No-Hope-For-Your-Head), tried different techniques of washing my hair (leaving the shampoo on top of your head and counting to 60) and even asking for divine help but to no avail. My hair still drops.

I've pretty much given up hope on ever fixing this problem though. With the high cost of hair treatment nowadays, there's very little chance I would get professional help for my hairy troubles. My despair was that deep that I even have plans to rename this blog to be LUKEYisBald.com in case all my hair really drops off before 40. The tag line would read, "LUKEYisBald.com! The shiniest place on the web!".

So when Nuffnang announced the Svenson's Hair Care Giveaway contest, I was overjoyed! Thanks to the contest, I stand a chance of winning a free hair consultation and treatment at Svenson's to fix my hair problem. And from what I heard from people, Svenson's Hair Care is has a pretty high quality when it comes to fixing your hair and I hope they would to just that! That way I could still keep my blog's name of LUKEYisHandsome.com and not end up being bald.

I'd still prefer the grand prize of an iPad though that is being offered, but being the type of guy I am who thinks that his blog post is nowhere good enough to win competitions, getting the consolation prize which is having a free customized treatment at Svenson's Hair Care is already a big thing already. Of course, the ideal situation would be to win an iPad and also a customized Svenson's Hair Care treatment but I know I shouldn't be asking too much.

So Svenson's and Nuffnang, am I good enough to win the iPad? Or at least get a free customized hair care treatment? I really don't want to change my blog name, honestly speaking. Especially one with the word bald in it. Honestly.

I want to touch my hair like him too. While playing an iPad at the same time


  1. Good write up! I hope you'll win cause you always win HAHA Good luck and all the best handsome :DDD

  2. haha thanks hilda! and i dun always win ok... haha


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