You know...

You know that you're once step closer in becoming a famous blogger when you Google search for your university's famous blogger and your blog appears second on the result.

I guess I am officially one of the famous blogger in NUS (National University of Singapore) now according to Google. Next up, I'm gonna conquer Singapore!

P/s: Just to clarify, i did not randomly go search for NUS's famous blogger out of nowhere, i just happened to do so when I saw that there were a few searches of "NUS famous blogger" landing on my blog based on Google's analytics. Just thought to see whether NUS has any famous bloggers, that's all.


  1. El buscador de Google busca preferentemente por las paginas ya visitadas... es por eso que al buscar con la palabra "blogger" relaciona con "blog" y aparece en los primeros links. Pero eso no quita que tu blog sea copado... buen blog! ;)


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