I've Had to Learn (Tears Of Heaven) - Song + Lyrics

I found this really awesome song called I've Had To Learn from Facebook just now. Okay, I did not find it literally, my friend shared it but still, it's counted as I half found it from my friend's profile! It's a song from the latest Korean musical, Tears of Heaven, which depicts the story of "a Korean soldier who is dispatched to Vietnam only to fall hopelessly in love with a Vietnamese woman and does everything in his power to help her." (source: http://www.hancinema.net/jyj-junsu-to-star-in-musical-tears-of-heaven--26575.html)

The poster
The cast

I don't know about you guys, but I do find myself repeating the song again and again in Youtube. The lyrics and the sheer majestic feeling of the music sorts of jump out to me. It's as though I can feel the pain and anguish that the singer is going through in the song. Which is why I liked the song. All the emotions sounded so real to me.

I don't know who sang this version, but I heard that Junsu will be singing this version in the musical (thanks to Vi for telling me) and I could foresee that it will become an instant hit on the web. Since I can't find any lyrics of this song on the web, I'm gonna transcribe the lyrics myself again in hopes of raising the readership of this blog like what happened when I did the same to the It's Only Just A Dream cover by Sam Tsui and Christina Grimmie. If you're gonna copy and paste it, I would appreciate some credits (I had to sit and decipher the words after all) and if there's anything wrong with the lyrics, do let me know. My ears tend to fail me sometimes.

Enough of me talking already, here's the song and the lyrics!

I've Had To Learn


How can I tell you
How it feels to see
A country torn in half
Ripped apart by war

How can I tell you
How it feels not to know
Whether I'll see your face
If tomorrow ever comes

I've had to learn
Learn how to kill
Learn how to hate against my will
Learn how to fight
Shelter the weak from strong

Take from a boy
It's way to be(?)
It's inhuman to be me
I ask myself
Is this what it means to be a man

It's cause of love that I'm alive
Because of your love that I'm surviving
But what of these ghosts that I must carry to my grave

Din' he had a wife
Din' he had a dream
Someone who loved them like you loved me
Why do I have to take his last breath away

What if he thrived(?)
Each life that I take
What is the price that I must pay?
Tell me the cost, Because it's too late to turn back now

It's cause of love that I'm alive
Because of your love that I'll survive
But what of these ghosts that I must carry to my grave
I wasn't born
With a gun in my hand
But yet every soldier understands
When duty calls
It's somebody's freedom or your own

So you learn not to run
You learn not to cry
You learn how to aim your weapon high
and with them all
Never regretting what you're fighting for

Cause what you're fighting for
Is the one thing
You have left

I've had to learn
Learn how to kill
Learn how to hate against my will
I wasn't born
With a gun in my hand
I was born... to love

Words in italics and a (?) means that i do not know what is he singing. If you do know please let me know in the comment section down there and leave your name too so I can thank you!


Wow, I must admit that this is quite a failure. Certainly did not know that trying to decipher the words from a single song could be so tiring. I had to strain my ears to really hear the word that he meant or this whole song would be jumbled up. But I still have about 6 uncertainties from my first attempt. I do hope what those uncertainties will be addressed and if there's any mistakes please help me point them out too.

And I do hope that you'll find this song as wonderful as I did. I'm no soldier but I could understand exactly what is he singing in the song, especially the part about learning how to kill (my Dragon Age training did help quite a bit in understanding the dilemma of taking one's life). It's certainly a question that is worth debating about but well, for now lets just focus on getting the song itself only.
 Oh well, I did try my best with the lyrics and I know my hearing isn't exactly good with this cheap speakers of mine but hopefully with the internet, someone will eventually help me out. Time to sleep then, and see what will happen tomorrow. Nights.


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