I Hate Myself

I farking hate myself. 

I hate the fact that I'm such a stubborn guy who does not like to do things other than the way I want, even if that means risking the anger and unhappiness from others. 

I hate myself for not being able to be like most people who can accept decisions of others, even if they are not happy with it, just to make others happy.

I hate myself for constantly wanting the need of friendship but I myself are not willing to sacrifice my opinions on behalf of my friends.

I hate myself for being so selfish and I hate myself for being so different.

Why can't God just make us human in such a way that we do not need friendship or social contact to survive? And if he did made us in a way that we need social contact to survive, why must he made us so differently that we will have a clash of opinions when we do have social contact?

And I hate myself for asking all these stupid questions my entire life.

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