Desaru Question

Q: hi, how long is the journey from larkin to desaru? how much is the bus ticket? need to buy the bus ticket in advance? or can buy on the day that we want to go?

A: Hi, the journey from Larkin to Desaru takes about an hour plus, depending on how fast your driver decides to drive. It's about 100 km journey. If i'm not mistaken, the bus ticket is about RM 24 and nope you don't have to buy the bus ticket in advance. Once you reach Larkin, just search for the Mara Liner bus counter and ask for bus to Desaru. There are several timing of when the bus departs, we took the 1 pm one. And yes, you can buy on the day itself, if it's not the peak season. We bought on the day itself. I hope this helped you.


  1. I found the Mara liner website selling it online for 16 MYR.


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