Am I Weird?

Someone asked me a very weird question on Formspring recently. "why are you so wierd", the question goes. Well, ignoring the fact that he/she spelled weird wrongly (okay, maybe it's a typo but that doesn't mean you can't spell check your question?), forgot to use a capital W and a question mark, he/she also conveniently forgets to include his/her name (okay, maybe I am weird by being a grammar police here). But I guess that's the beauty of the internet, right? You can shoot whoever you want, spread lies and defame anyone while remaining anonymous and in my case, you can ask people why are they so weird.

Of course, being the handsome and kind blogger that I am, I will try to answer the question to the best that I can since the anonymous person (lets call him/her W, for weird) could well be one of my loyal readers, which is why W knows that I'm weird. Well, the only problem is that W did not specify what kind of weird that he/she is referring too. Is my laughter that's weird? My way of blogging? Or is it my looks? Or how I love to call myself handsome blogger all the time that's weird? 

Whatever the weirdness that W might be referring to, I admit that I can be quite weird sometimes, if by weird you mean being different from others and not being normal. Weird, after all, means being odd, eccentric and unconventional according to the folks at Oxford. (I would very much prefer the word unique, the meaning is roughly the same, but since the word weird is used, I might just stick with it)

So, why am I so weird?

Perhaps it's just the way I like to be different. Since young, I have this unexplainable tendency to want to do things differently from how others do it. I still remember that there was this colouring exercise that i had to do in kindergarten once, when everyone was colouring the letters in one colour, i chose to had my letters coloured in 3 shades of different colours. I got a pretty bad scolding from my teacher alright, asking why I couldn't just do things as how my friends do it and why I must always do things so differently. Perhaps she used the word weird too, but I couldn't really remember.

But the thing is, I love being different. I love going against the conventional ways of working and I love challenging authority. What's the point of living if all your life, you can only just stick to one way of thinking? That you have to do the same thing over and over again in the same way, look at things in only one perspective and everything is unchangeable? That would be quite boring, don't you think?

Besides, God made all of us in such a way that we are different from the person next to us. Wouldn't it be a little too wasteful if we were to let our distinct personalities overshadowed by our need to conform?

There you go. I hope that would suffice as an answer of why am I so weird to you, W. I would love to write an 1500 word essay to answer your question, being the weird guy I am, but then again, I wouldn't want you falling asleep halfway reading the essay. But then again, I might just do that if I'm not feeling weird today. And yes I know, I'm acting funny again. Bye.


  1. hahaha
    well, everyone is weird really. and just like u, i prefer the word unique. =p

    it would be boring if everyone thinks the same way, and only have friends of the same type. so, lets all get along haha XP


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