Things to be happy about

Some flu and fever virus decided to make my body their new home the other day. Thanks to them, my plans to enjoy the holiday by visiting the entire Singapore has been reduced to me sleeping my youth away on my bed. I bet those viruses were attracted to my good looks.

This is how i'm feeling right now, minus the green face

Well, I can choose to whine and bitch about my current situation now, or i can choose to focus on the positive things in life. I think i'm gonna do the latter since research has shown that positive thinking can help to speed up your recovery from illness. And besides, whining and bitching isn't gonna change anything.

So here's Lukey list of "Things to be Happy About Even When You're Half-Dead with Fever"

1. Awesome friends, i have. One thing bad about getting sick is your reduced mobility and that you have do depend on someone to help you. As much i hated to trouble my friends, they still helped me to buy food to avoid me from starving to death in my room. Thanks Jason, Nisha and Vivian for the bread and porridge :)

2. Like they say, eating fruits can help a lot when you're sick. Thankfully i received an apple today from Standard Chartered Bank Breeze team.

My apple!
And there was something else that came with the apple too!

Hurrah, an iPod shuffle! Sweet!
Yeah i know, it's not the traditional red apple that contains lots of vitamins to help you fight off those pesky viruses, but hey, i guess listening to some music could help to boost your immune system too right? I'm pretty sure that by giving them the chance to listen to an epic song like "Requiem for a Dream" by Clint Mansell would greatly improve their morale in their battle to cleanse my body of viruses. I think.

3. I got myself two fan mails in Facebook! Two! In one day! Today must be my lucky day :)

This just a part of it... for the rest of it, nah you can't get to see it :p
Looks like my past efforts to make myself famous so i don't have to work after i graduate is finally starting to pay off. I hope.

4. I made myself a new blog banner!

Old banner with a spelling mistake
I made sure no there's no spelling mistake already! Although i still love pink

5. I'm going to sleep... again. I must admit that as much as i hate lying on my bed the whole day without doing anything, i do enjoy the peace and being a pig once in a while.


Of course, i look more handsome-er than this pig though in real life. Zzzzz....


  1. hhaha... should I ask for royalty for the design? ^^

  2. OMG Why are you always getting the good stuffs? First an IPAD, now an Ipod shuffle! Where is my share? :P


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