In a relationship but like someone else...

Question: Question for Handsome: I'm in a relationship with someone, but I'm starting to like another person too and that person also probably likes me although he/she knows that I'm in a relationship. Advice please?

Lol since when i became a love doctor? Maybe i should start charging for advices that i give.

Ok back to the topic. What do you mean start to like another person? Are you really liking that other person or are you just bored with your current relationship? And what how sure are you that if you choose to break and start a new relationship with this person you like, you would not like another person in the future? And then? Continue on this cycle on liking other people and breaking up once you like another person?

One important part of relationship is commitment. Why did you start this relationship in the first place if you can't commit and end up liking another person?

Of course, you could argue that you don't have feelings anymore, you're both not suited for each other, stuff like that, but i'm sure if you start a new relationship, after the romance period has died down, problems will start surfacing too.

Unless you're a Casanova that is, then you can flirt and like as many people as you want.


  1. dude, my gf got that sort of questions, many many times! hahaha

  2. just follow your heart as time goes by


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